Do you need money to start a business or pay your school fees? Are you in serious financial crisis that needs urgent attention? Then this article is for you.

Getting access to loans these days have become easier due to the fast penetration of internet and mobile money services in Ghana.

I have written about the money lending apps in Ghana. Similarly, this post list the online loan companies in Ghana.

Beginning of this year, most of my colleagues have been asking me how to get online loans in Ghana.

For this reason, I did a research on all the collateral free online loan that gives that can be used for payment of school fees, business expansion, business starting, etc.

If you need an urgent loan to solve your financial problem or would like to lend to someone in need, read on.

Before we look at the list of all the online loan companies, let us have a brief look at the meaning of some basic terms.

Article Outline

What is an online loan?

It is a loan which has its entire application done online using a mobile phone or a computer with an active internet connection.

The recipient usually receives the loan on his mobile money wallet (Vodafone Cash, MTN Mobile Money, AirtelTigo Cash).

Requirements for an online Loan in Ghana.

Before you apply for a loan online, you must have

  1. A valid national identification card (drivers license, Ghana card, voters id, NHIS Card)
  2. A working mobile phone to connect to the internet
  3. A valid passport-sized photograph (soft copy)

Online loan lenders in Ghana.


It is a peer to peer microlending platform that connects borrowers to lenders across the globe.

Zidisha gives affordable online loans to people to invest in their future.

First time borrowers are always given smaller amounts to test their creditworthiness.

You can get a loan amount of GHS 52,430 when you keep on borrowing and pay on time.

Zidisha encourages borrowers to start a business or finance their education with the loan they receive.

online loans ghana

They give a flexible loan repayment option whereby borrowers can choose when to pay the loan and also adjust loan repayment schedule.

To apply for the Zidisha loan, register at


Sika Master

An active online laon lending services that gives people in need.

Sika master gives online loans to borrowers. Common loans they give are health loan, car loan, funeral loans, equity loans, contructions loans, etc.

How to apply for a Sika Master online loan.

Visit their website and fill the registration form to begin.


Global Giving.

Global giving is more focused on helping non-governmental organizations (NGO) to get funds for its projects and become more effective.

If you need an online loan for your non-profit organization, join Global Giving. Their platform will give you access to possible donors all over the world who might love to lend.

Global Giving is 17 years old, have supported 214 companies with over $420 Million.

They have been endorsed by big brands like FORD, MICROSOFT, TRIPADVISOR, etc.

To apply for Global Giving’s Online NGO Loans, click HERE



It is a company that provides an online loan lending platform for people to lend directly to support small businesses in Africa.

If you want to lend money to support small business in Africa join MYC4 Now. Click here to visit their official website.



Kiva has so far given $1.3 billion in loans. That amazing, isn’t it?

It is an online loan platform that gives lenders the opportunity to give $25 or more to prospective borrowers.

Kiva gives loan to empower entrepreneurs to do more.

They have a huge community of online lenders who are ready to give borrowers up to $10,000 dollars upon request (terms and conditions apply).

To apply for loan at Kiva follow the steps below


Scroll down and click on APPLY NOW

Fill the online application form with your necessary detail and click next to proceed.

You’ll be given a feedback whether you qualify for the loan or not.


This list does not obviously contain the list of all the available online loan platforms. As time goes on we will keep updating this post with the necessary information.

Thanks for coming. Much love from the PC BOSS ONLINE TEAM.



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