Co-working spaces / Tech Hubs in Ghana

Of late, Tech Hubs in Ghana are becoming very popular and instrumental in the technology ecosystem in Ghana. They mostly groom startups and provide them with the support needed to thrive. [no_toc]

Some resources they provide are mentoring, networking, coding sessions, business development, coaching and the likes. Technology wise, Ghana is moving at a faster pace.

Below is a list of common Tech Hubs in Ghana grooming startups for the 4th digital revolution. Feel free to enter any wherever you find yourself

iSpace Foundation

Located in the capital of Ghana, specifically 205/6 2nd Emmause Ln, Labone, Accra. Founded in 2013, they provide a conducive environment for growth, provide Office Space, Funding, Training And Mentoring .

They champion the use of mobile and web technology for Social Impact. Some programs they run that make impact in society are the “code to startup program”, “unlocking women & technology”, accelerator program among others. Find out more on their official homepage HERE


Impact Hub

A network of 85 + hubs of 15,000 + changemakers on 5 continents. In Ghana they are located at F 393/4 Otswe Street Accra.

Their mission is to support inclusive growth in Ghana through the creation of a resilient and dynamic social innovation ecosystem by developing programs, providing workspace, access to capital and connecting entrepreneurs focused on creating sustainable solutions to regional challenges in employment, financial inclusion, agriculture, health, and education.

Some programs run by this community are the health hack Accra program and the makerspace. Visit their official homepage HERE


A co-working community that aims to provide a workspace that is comfortable and affordable for freelancers and startups to nurture and grow their businesses.

It was founded in 2016 by two young and passion driven individuals. Find out more HERE



An innovation hub and co-working space in the heart of Kumasi providing a supportive and dynamic community for entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups, early stage businesses, social enterprises and business professionals in Kumasi.

They are those spearheading the hatched program, a business incubation program for startups that have moved from the idea stage and are ready for market or have already launched but need further support.

Ho Node

A digital innovation center located in the heart Ho. Services they provide include digital skills training, providing co-working and meeting spaces, idea validation and prototyping among others. Find them at 23 Wudake Street, Ho, Ghana or visit their official homepage via this LINK



It is a global network of innovation spaces that connect and transform the economic course of the youth through market driven skills and entrepreneurship incubators, mentorships, and the likes.

Physical Address: NSS Regional Quarters Building, Block 22A Watterson Residential Area, Russian Bungalows, Tamale. Find more about them HERE


Co-working and entrepreneurs’ space centrally located in KK House in Ho. As a centre of excellence in technology, entrepreneurship & innovation, KK Hub enables you to connect, learn, network, collaborate, make new friends and develop relationships with the right team members, advisers, peers, suppliers and investors.

They also invite entrepreneurs willing to develop French learning, and invite French speaking entrepreneurs to create strong linkages with Togo.


Kumasi Hive

Also located in the heart of Kumasi, they provide complete support for potentials entrepreneurs, consultancy, tech skills training program and more.

Their current business accelerator program has about 2 startup and 5 accelerated startup. Feel free to approach them with your business, who knows?, it might be next big thing in the industry. Find more on their homepage HERE

I hope by now you’ve been updated on the Tech Hubs in Ghana. You can visit any whenever you’re in Ghana.

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Co-working spaces / Tech Hubs in Ghana
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Co-working spaces / Tech Hubs in Ghana
Below is a list of common Tech Hubs in Ghana grooming startups Kumasi Hiv iSpace KK Hub Ho Node Impact Hub HapaSpace ...
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