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All of your tracking and locating issues are now history thanks to MTN Vehicle Tracking Service. Both the service and the products are of exceptional quality and longevity. The service is the best option for all your demands related to vehicle and personal tracking due to its unequaled rates for both products and services. By joining this wonderful family and becoming a subscriber, you can become one of our most valued customers as we work to establish Ghana as the starting point for tracking in West Africa.

MTN Vehicle Tracking Service Standard Products

  • Are manufactured with the highest quality components.
  • On each vehicle will be installed a tracking device
  • Have the lowest monthly fees – GHC30 per device with 2500 live reports daily.
  • You can track your vehicles in Ghana from everywhere you go in the world.
  • Use Licensed Google Map API Premier with unlimited visual landmarks, roads and buildings.
  • Can create different Geofences (Artificial Barriers) to alert you vehicle critical movements
  • Provides historical route reports: You can view the history or route report for any vehicle for the previous 30 days.
  • Provides Live Reports of all your fleet from 1 vehicle to 1000 vehicles in a single screen.
  • Provide reports in PDF or Excel at no extra cost for:
    • Speed
    • Trip
    • Work Time
    • Stops

How To Do Monthly Payments

Corporate Accounts

All corporate account holders should contact their accounts manager or go to the nearest MTN office to make payments

Individual Accounts

All individual account holders should go to the nearest MTN office to make payments

Fleet Management Features

Online monitoring:

You may keep an eye on a single car or a whole fleet. You can view both stationary and moving items.


According to the selected time period, the MTN Fleet Management System can build an object-driven distance track. The program computes driving distance, fuel consumption, and displays all records for the chosen time period.


The MTN Fleet Management System provides a variety of reports to efficiently manage your fleet: Driven distance, stops made during trips, fuel tank, and work time Tachometer and driver’s logbook.


Geo-zones can be made, and you can keep track of when an object enters or exits them. Additionally, you will get alerts when a zone changes so that you are always aware of the movement of your fleet.

Tachograph functionality

The Driver ID, Driver working state, speed, and odometer can all be seen on the MTN Fleet Management System. Special tachograph reports are also available to summarize received data.

Garmin PND* support

Following your Garmin PND and Track master device connection, you will have access to:

Direct communication with the driver Because messages are sent over the internet, you save potential SMS costs.
Sending the driver the destination. Simply choose the desired location on the map, and the driver will receive it. The driver is prepared to go after Garmin determines the best route for him.
Support for ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). You will constantly be aware of the driver’s distance from the destination and the speed at which the thing will arrive there.


For assistance in tracking your vehicles or dispelling any doubts you may have, our specialists and technical support staff are always available. You can call  at (056) 648-2202 or visit