In this article, I am going to take through what the Vodafone Red bundle is, the packages it has and their respective prices.

What is the Vodafone Red Bundle?

It is an integrated bundle offer that allows Vodafone Ghana subscribers to call all local networks, data to browse and SMS bundle all in one package.

Unlike the other traditional Vodafone Bundles, the Vodafone Red Bundle offer gives data, call time and SMS credit all together.


Vodafone Red Bundle Offers/Packages

Below is the list of packages under the Red Bundles.

  • Flexi
  • No expiry
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Weekend
  • Monthly supreme


Flexi Packages

Under this package, you can buy any preferred amount between GHS 0.07 – 29.99. The amount you purchase determines the call time and bundle you get.

For context, I entered GHS 1 and the following offers were available for me to choose from

  • 20 Mins only
  • 15 Mins + 15MB
  • 6 Mins + 35MB

GHS 5 gives the following to choose from:

  • 107 Mins only
  • 80 Mins + 80 MB
  • 30 Mins + 200 MB

In effect, this Flexi offer under the Vodafone Red Bundles is not fixed, the amount you enter determines the offer made available to you.

Flexi Packages under the Vodafone Red Bundles do not expire.


No Expiry

This is another Vodafone Red Bundle package. Unlike the Flexi, bundles here are predetermined, you don’t have to enter a desired amount. You choose from existing offers.

I have listed the offers available under this package below.

Bundle Volume Call Time Cost
7 7 0.50
30 30 2.00
80 80 5.00
150 150 10.00
350 350 20
550 550 30


Note: there are sub offers under each offer you choose. Vodafone either gives the option to maintain the offer or reduce the call time and increase the bundle volume. The choice is yours.

I will provide the sub-offers in subsequent updates of this article. All offers under the No Expiry package do not expire.


Daily Vodafone Red Bundles

The offers available under the daily package are:

  • GHS 0.50 for 150mins
  • GHS 1 for 100mins and 15MB
  • GHS 2.15 for 55mins and 90MB

All these three offers are valid for one day.


Vodafone Red Weekly Package

There are only two offers here:

  • GHS 2 for 375mins and 90MB valid for 3 days
  • GHS 5 for 150mins and 220MB valid for 7 days



There is one Vodafone Red Bundles weekend offer, which is only available during Saturdays.

The offer gives 4.5GB and 100 minutes of talk time for GHS 6.00.


Monthly/Supreme Package

All offers under this package are valid for 30 days. There are five offers under Vodafone Red Bundles Monthly or Supreme Package.

Bundle Volume Call Minutes Cost (GHS)
0 Unlimited 10
750MB 2200 20
550MB 600 30
950MB 900 50
1.5GB 2000 100



Price of Vodafone Red Bundles

I have already attached the prices to the various packages above.


Vodafone Red Bundle Code

The code to buy, activate and manage your red bundles on Vodafone is *200#. Using this code, one can buy the Red bundles, bundle for someone, check your balance, and manage your offer.


How to buy Vodafone Red

To purchase or subscribe to Vodafone Red Bundles:

  1. Dial *200#
  2. Choose between flexi, no expiry, monthly, daily or weekly
  3. Select preferred offer under each package
  4. Select payment method (Vodafone cash or Pay with Airtime)
  5. Follow the prompts that follow to make payment
  6. You have activated your offer. Start using your Vodafone Red Bundles.

How to stop Vodafone Red Bundle Automatic Renewals

Automatic renewals can be annoying especially when you did not solicit them. Here are the steps to follow to deactivate your Vodafone Red Bundles Automatic Renewals.

  1. Dial *200#
  2. Choose option 7 (Manage Offer)
  3. Select option 1 (Stop automatic renewal)
  4. You’ll receive a prompt saying “Dear Customer, you have successfully stopped your bundle from automatic renewal)
  5. You are done.



The Vodafone Red Bundle comes in handy especially if you need a balance between call time and data bundle.

Whenever you need a fair amount of both, pick up your phone and subscribe to any of the package the Red Bundle has to offer.

Note that apart from the code *200#, you can also use the my Vodafone App to buy.




Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored or endorsed by Vodafone Ghana. The information provided is based on publicly available data and personal research. Any opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


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