Vodafone Ghana has a lot of amazing offers when it comes to Internet packages. Vodafone Red is another affordable bundle package by Vodafone Ghana.

In this article, I am going to take through what the Vodafone Red bundle is, the packages it has and their respective costs.

What Is Vodafone Red?

It a complete voice and data plan by Vodafone Ghana that gives on-net and off-net voice allowance, data, international calls and SMS.

This offer ensures that you use one SIM for all the purposes above.


Vodafone red gives daily, weekly and monthly bundles and call bundles giving you a great deal for all your communication needs.

Vodafone Red Bundles Packages.

The bundle packages under this offer are grouped into daily, weekly and monthly. View the complete packages below.

  1. Daily Packages

This consist of two internet bundle offers:

  • Offer 1: Unlimited Vodafone Calls, 10 minutes for local calls, 40MB for browsing.

Days before expiry: 1 day

Price: GHS 1


  • Offer 2: 400 minutes for Vodafone Calls, 30 minutes for local calls, 100MB data for browsing

Valid for 3 days

Price: GHS 2



  1. Weekly packages

There is only one offer under this package. See details of this offer below.

125 minutes for Vodafone calls, 125 minutes for Local calls, 250MB data for browsing

Valid for 7 days

Price: GHS 5


  1. Monthly Packages.

  • Offer 1: Get 250 minutes for Local calls, 250MB data, 10 SMS pack

Valid for 30 days

Cost: GHS 10

  • Offer 2: 1200 minutes for Vodafone Calls, 200 minutes for local calls, 500MB data, 20 SMS pack

Valid for 30 days

Price: GHS 20

  • Offer 3: enjoy 500 minutes of local calls, 1.5GB data for browsing, 20 SMS pack

Valid for 30 day

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Price: GHS 25

  • Offer 4: 900 minutes for local calls, 4GB data for browsing, 20 SMS pack

Validity: 30 days

  • Offer 5: Get 2000 minutes, 8GB for data, 20 SMS pack

Valid for 30 days

Price: GHS 100

Other Vodafone Bundle Packages.

Vodafone Bossu

Vodafone 20GB for GHS 60


Vodafone Red Bundle Code.

The Vodafone Red Bundle code is *200#. Select option 1 and then choose your offer.

How to activate Vodafone Red Bundle.

The Vodafone Red activation process is simple and straightforward. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Dial *200#
  2. Select option 1 (New red bundles)
  3. Choose your preferred package and press 1 to confirm.

You’ve successfully subscribed to this amazing offer.

I’m glad you’re finally here. If you have questions or there’s something I left out, do notify me in the comment box below. Thanks for passing by. Much love