What is Vodafone Too Much Bundle?

The Vodafone 2 Moorch Bundle also known as Too Much is a non-expiry data bundle package by Vodafone Ghana.

It helps subscribers to get relatively more data at cheaper cost as compared to normal data bundle subscription.


How to purchase the 2 Moorch Data Bundle

To buy this Vodafone data bundle:

  1. Dial *700#
  2. Choose option 1 (Buy Data)
  3. Select option 2 (2Moorch No Expiry)
  4. Select your preferred package to proceed.
  5. Select payment method either Airtime or Vodafone Cash
  6. Follow the prompts to make payments.
Vodafone Too Much Bundle

Vodafone Too Much Bundle

The Vodafone Too Much Bundle offers

As of November 2023, the following are the available offers:

Data Bundle Volume Cost (GHS)
20MB 0.5
50MB 1
120MB 2
550MB 5
1GB 10
2GB 20
4.5GB 50
10GB 100
30GB 200


Vodafone Too Much Bundle Code

*700# is the universal dialing code for all Vodafone Ghana data bundle offers/packages.


Vodafone Too Much Price in Ghana

I listed the price of this bundle in the table above. It ranges from GHS 0.5 to GHS 200. The highest subscription, which is GHS 200, gets you a whopping data bundle of 30GB, while the GHS 0.5 gets you 20MB.


Vodafone 5 cedis for 5gb for 7 days

There’s no such Vodafone data bundle offer as at the time of write this article.


Vodafone 3 Cedis for 2GB

As of November 2023, Vodafone do not have any data package of 2GB for 3GHS.

The Vodafone 3cedis for 2GB was a data bundle package instituted in 2022. Currently, the data bundle package has been retired. Disregard any information pertaining to it.


Does Vodafone Too Much Bundle Expire?

No. It’s now non-expiry.


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