In this article, I will discuss with you into details about the MTN mashup offer.

Important points to note.

MTN Mashup is only available for MTN subscribers. There is no Vodafone mashup. If you are not an MTN subscriber but want to enjoy this offer, you have to register an MTN SIM card. See how to get your sim card registered HERE.


What is the MTN Mashup code?

The official code for MTN Mashup is *567#. This is the only code designated for MTN mashup. Aside from using the code, you can use the app to subscribe to the same service.


MTN Mashup Packages Available

There are four main MTN Mashup packages. They are:

  1. Mashup GHC 1
  2. Mashup GHC 5
  3. Mashup GHC 10
  4. Mashup GHC 30

Each of the packages above have sub packages that gives varying amounts of data bundle and call minutes. You therefore have several options to choose from, either more bundle, less call minutes or more call minute, less data bundle.

I have listed the sub packages of the four main packages below. Check and choose for yourself the best and suitable offer.

Mashup GHC 1

  • 13.1MB and 15.42Mins
  • 21.83MB and 11.02Mins
  • 26.2MB and 8.82Mins
  • 30.57MB and 6.6Mins
  • 43.67MB only


Mashup GHC 5

  • 73MB and 82.17Mins
  • 123.21MB and 58.68Mins
  • 147.86mb and 46.95mins
  • 172.5mb and 35.22mins
  • 246.43mb


Mashup GHC 10

  • 155.12MB and 171.15Mins
  • 258.53 and 122.25Mins
  • 310.24MB 97.8Mins
  • 361.94MB and 73.35Mins
  • 517.06MB


Mashup GHC 30

  • 2690.58MB


Note that MTN Mashup is always flexible. Aside from the sub packages listed above, you can still by any amount you prefer, and you will be given a matching data volume and corresponding call minutes.



How to Subscribe to MTN Mashup

To buy a mashup package, you can use either the USSD short code or the myMTN app to purchase any mashup package.

New users who use the myMTN app gets free 500MB of bundle and 50% 4G bonus. I have given the steps on how to subscribe using the MTN Mashup code or the myMTN app.

How to buy MTN mashup using the Mashup code

  1. Dial *567#
  2. Choose option 1.
  3. Enter option 1 (Mashup for Self)
  4. Select your preferred package.
  5. Select one of the two options given (either enter amount or choose the first option).
  6. Choose the amount of talk time and bundle you prefer.
  7. Select available payment method (either mobile money or Airtime)
  8. Follow the next prompts to complete your purchase of MTN Mashup.
  9. Your chosen amount of bundle and call minutes will be credited into your balance.
  10. Enjoy your newly subscribed MTN Mashup package.


How to buy MTN mashup using the myMTN APP

The process on how to purchase this bundle via the myMTN app will be added to this write-up few days to come.


How to deactivate MTN Mashup

To stop automatic renewals of this package, you need to deactivate it. To deactivate, send “STOP” as a SMS to 567. A confirmation message will be sent to you to confirm the deactivation worked.

Alternatively, you can call MTN Ghana customer care line to assist you with the deactivation.


MTN Mashup for only calls

As of November 2023, MTN Mashup bundle for calls only does not exist. You either get bundle only or a combination of bundle and call minutes.


MTN Mashup for only SMS

There is not MTN Mashup package for only SMS. You can get SMS bundles from MTN by subscribing to any of their SMS bundles.



NB: This post is not sponsored. It is entirely written based on the experience of the writer. Thank you.


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