Welcome back to PC BOSS Online. Today I am taking you through this amazing call offer from MTN that allows customers to make free calls.

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This offer is called the MTN Nkomode or the free after one service or talk chaw.

What is MTN Nkomode?

MTN Nkomode also known as the MTN Free After One is a very amazing call offer that allows subscribers to enjoy calls at very cheap price.

This offer allows you to pay for only the first minute of your call.

This means that calls will be zeroed when customers subscribe and pay for only the first minute of that call.

With the Nkomode offer you can talk as long as you want by paying for only the first minute of your call on MTN to MTN calls.

Currently you can make call on this free after one service for 60 minutes. After that you’re disconnected.


What is the MTN Nkomode Code?

The Nkomode USSD code is 550.


How to activate the  MTN Nkomode Offer

To subscribe to this offer, dial *550# and follow the prompts to subscribe.


How do I make unlimited calls on MTN?

You can make free calls using the Nkomode offer or the MTN 6 months unlimited call offer.

How to cancel or deactivate  Nkomode Offer.

To cancel the Nkomode offer , send STOP to “550” or call the MTN Customer care line for assistance.

You can view the Nkomode terms and condition from HERE

mtn nkomode

mtn nkomode

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Frequently asked questions abouth the Nkomode offer.

Is this still working?

Answer: Yes, it is still working for registered MTN subscribers.

How does mtn nkomode works?

Answer: As discussed earlier, this service works by only paying for the first minute of your call. The remaining minutes its free.

Watch the video below for full details about MTN Free After One.

MTN Nkomode code not working

The former nkomode code, 315 is no longer working.