AT, formerly AirtelTigo has the following bundle packages as of November 2023:

  • BigTime Data
  • Fuse Bundle
  • Unlimited Data
  • Sika Kokoo
  • Morning Rush Bundle (4am-7am)
  • Night Packs (12am-4am)
  • XXL & Family Packs
  • Tribe & Flex
  • Sunday Offer (6am – 6pm on Sunday)
  • International Bundles


BigTime Data

This package offer NO EXPIRY bundle to AT customers. That is, data purchased from this package does not expire.

The AirtelTigo BigTime Data bundle has the following packages

Bundle Volume Price
50MB 1
120MB 2
400MB 3
550MB 5
1GB 10
2GB 20
4.5GB 50
10GB 100
30GB 200
90GB 300


AT (AirtelTigo) Fuse Bundles

The Fuse bundle comes in two forms: Fuse Voice Only and Fuse Voice and Data


Fuse Voice Only

This package gives you call time (minutes) to call all networks with no expiry to the subscription. See the available packages below.

Call Minutes Cost
50mins 3
110mins 6
235mins 12
300mins 15


Fuse Voice and Data

Unlike the Fuse Only Bundle, the Fuse Voice and Data bundle gives subscribers both airtime for calls and data for browsing the internet. Packages under this offer do not expire.

Offer Cost
25mins and 40MB 2
65mins and 120MB 5
135mins and 260MB 10
205mins and 400MB 15


Unlimited Data

The unlimited data has the following data offers:

  • Unlimited data (Normal)
  • Unlimited Night Data
  • Unlimited Onnet Calls


Unlimited Data Offer

All data offers here are unlimited for 24 hours.

Data Volume Price
Unlimited Data Only 25
Unlimited Data + Unlimited Allnet Calls 30


Unlimited Night Data

This offer is only available during the night. It allows subscribers to browser/make calls unlimitedly between 11pm – 5am. Below are the offers available under this package.

Data Volume Cost
Unlimited Night Data 10
Unlimited Night Data + Unlimited Allnet Calls 12


Sika Kokoo

The AT Sika Kokoo data bundle has been in existence for a long time. Most subscribers prefer this package due to its flexibility. The validity period varies. Check the available packages below.

Bundle Volume Price (GHS) Valid For? (DAYS)
450MB 3 1
800MB 5 3
900MB 6 2
1.2GB 10 5
1.35 11 2
2.3GB 15 4
2.4GB 20 5
5GB 50 15


Morning Rush Bundle (4am-7am)

The Morning Rush Bundle is available from 4am – 7am each day. There are two offers under this package.

Data Volume Cost GHS
1GB 1
2.5GB 2


airteltigo bundles

AirtelTigo morning rush bundles


Night Packs (12am-4am)

Unlike the Unlimited Night Data, this data package offers subscribers a desired amount of data to use between 12am and 4am. The offers available under this package are:

Bundle Volume Call Offer Cost
4.5GB 100 Onnet Call  minutes 3
7.5GB Unlimited Onnet Call minutes 5


XXL & Family Packs

The XXL and Family Packs are valid for 30 days. Below are the offers available in the XXL Packs.

Bundle volume Cost
12GB 99
35GB 200
117GB 350


Tribe & Flex

Below, I have listed the offers under this package in a table.

Bundle Volume Cost (GHS) Valid for?
160MB 2 24hrs
1GB 8 7 days
1.5GB 12 30 days
3.2GB 25 30 days



Sunday Offer (6am – 6pm on Sunday)

This is a special bundle offer that gives subscribers unlimited On-net minutes (for making calls) and free access to Facebook and WhatsApp for just GHS 0.30.


International Bundles

The AirtelTigo international bundles are designed to enable subscribers purchase bundle to make international calls at cheaper than normal rates. There are two offers under this package:

  • IDD Packs
  • Roaming Packs


IDD Packs

You can make calls to USA, Canada, India, China, Nigeria, Niger and other West African countries at a cheaper rate.

USA & Canada Offers

Number of Call Minutes Cost (GHS) Valid for? (days)


80 5 7
170 10 15
360 20 30


India & China Offers

Number of call minutes Cost (GHS) Valid for (days)
6 2 3
16 5 7
32 10 15
64 20 20
162 50 30



Number of call minutes Cost (GHS) Valid for (days)
5.2 10 3
10.4 20 5
26 50 15
52 100 30



How to bundle on AT

For example, “Follow the steps below to purchase a bundle on AirtelTigo.

  1. Dial *111#
  2. Select your preferred bundle type.
  3. Choose your preferred offer.
  4. Choose Buy one time.
  5. Select payment method (ATMoney or Airtime)
  6. Follow the prompt and enter your ATMoney PIN if you want to pay with AT Money. Alternatively, you can pay with your airtime.
  7. AT will send you a confirmation message to confirm your bundle purchase.


AirtelTigo Bundle Code

The designated bundle code for AT (AirtelTigo) is *111#. Users need to dial this code in order to buy AT bundle.

Alternatively, you can buy bundles using the *110# (ATMoney Code).


AirtelTigo Mashup Code

There is no AirtelTigo Mashup Offer. Only MTN Ghana has an offer called Mashup.


AirtelTigo 30GB Bundle

The AirtelTigo 30gb cost 200GHS.

To purchase:

  1. Dial *111#
  2. Select option 1 (BigTime Data)
  3. Select option 9 (30GB @ 200GHS)
  4. Select option 1 (Buy one time)
  5. Select payment method (Airtime or ATMoney)
  6. Proceed to pay.
  7. Wait for confirmation.


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