Hello, my name is PC Boss. In this writeup, I bring you all the data bundles AirtelTigo Ghana has to offer.

AirtelTigo bundle is what you need to stay online all day.

Since Airtel and Tigo merger, they combined forces to provide one of the most affordable internet packages in Ghana.

The Internet is now home for everyone. Everybody needs an affordable data bundle on a regular basis: either for browsing the internet, sending emails, using social media, etc.

AirtelTigo is the first telecommunication network in Ghana to roll out data bundles with no expiry.

That means that you can use your AirtelTigo data bundle until its fully exhausted.

If you are someone who spends much of your time on the internet, then certainly you need an affordable and reliable internet package that suits your needs.

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Summary of article:

  • AirtelTigo data bundles
  • How to subscribe to the data packages
  • shortcode for AirtelTigo bundle
  • and a lot more.

AirtelTigo has the following data bundles packages.

  • Airtel Fuse Bundles
  • Sika Kokoo
  • Night Bundles
  • Big time data bundles
  • Family pack

Now let’s have a look at what each of the above bundles entails.

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Big Time Time Bundles

To buy a big-time bundle:

  • Dial *111# and follow the prompts.
  • You can top-up directly using a scratch card or via AirtelTigo Money.
  • You can transfer this bundle to loved ones at no extra charge.

Big Time data bundles on AirtelTigo can be used to stream videos/music, download songs, general surfing and many more.

Big Time Bundle Packages

Price (GHS) Via Airtime Account (MB) Via AirtelTigo Money
0.50 25MB Not available
1 65MB 80MB
2 150MB 200MB
5 550MB 650MB
10 1,500MB 2,000MB
20 4,000MB 5,000MB
50 10,000MB 11,000MB


AirtelTigo Fuse Bundles Packages.

Fuse bundles provide prepaid subscribers with voice and data bundles which has no expiry.

See the data volume and their respective prices below.

Price (GHS) Voice Minutes Data Volume
2 40 40
5 100 100
10 250 250



To subscribe to this data package, follow the steps below.

  • Dial *567#
  • Select your preferred option and proceed.

You can bundle from your existing airtime balance, scratch card, or from your AirtelTigo Mobile Money wallet.

To check your remaining Fuse data, dial *504#

AirtelTigo Sika Kokoo Bundle.

The sika kokoo bundle is one of the most patronized data bundle on AirtelTigo.

It gives huge bundles at a relatively affordable price.

To subscribe to sika kokoo, dial *111*4# and follow the prompts.


Family Pack Data Bundles

Family packs are ideal for large group usage. You get huge data bundles to stream and download movies. See the family packages below.

Amount Volume (GB) Validity
Ghc 99 40 30 days
Ghc 200 100 30 days
Ghc 300 400 30 days


I’m glad you’re here. I hope by now you’ve been updated with the latest AirtelTigo Ghana bundle packages.

All questions Answered

What is the Code for AirtelTigo Data Bundle?

The bundle short code is *111*4#


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