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How to Activate MTN Call baring. 2020 Guide.

In this article, we are going to show you how to enable MTN call barring on your phone, how to remove it and many more tips. Just stay tuned.


What is MTN Call Barring?

Call barring is a service by MTN which enables users or subscribers to limit some or all incoming and outgoing calls within certain areas.

With call barring, one can prevent his SIM card from making or receiving calls.

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This can be achieved by just dialling the shortcode in this post.


Benefits of activating call barring.

Is it important that you bar your calls?

Yes. You enjoy the following benefits with MTN Call barring.

  • prevent some people from calling you
  • to enable only outgoing calls on your phone and disable all incoming calls.


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How to activate MTN Call Bearing

This service is available to all MTN prepaid subscribers. To activate the service, you have to dial the call barring short code and follow the prompts. See the activation steps below.


To bar all calls on your MTN SIM card:

  1. Dial *31#
  2. You will receive a notification message that your line has been restricted for making and receiving calls.

Your phone or SIM card has been restricted from placing and receiving phone calls.


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When the designated short code fails to work. You can enable call barring by following the steps below. This is solely done on your phone without dialing any short code.

  1. Tap on the call icon and go to the dialled calls. 
  2. Click on call settings.
  3. Tap on Calling accounts.
  4. Select the sim card (MTN). 
  5. Tap on Call Barring.
  6. Choose the type of calls you want to bar.
  7. You may be asked to enter a code. Dial 0000
  8. You will receive a notification message that your line has been restricted for making and receiving


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MTN Call Bearing Options available.

All outgoing calls – used to restrict making calls.

International outgoing calls – used to restrict making outgoing international calls.

All incoming calls – used to restrict all incoming calls.

Cancel all – it is used to remove and clear all call bearing settings.

Change barring password – used to change the default password which is 0000.


How to deactivate MTN Call Barring

To turn off all call barring on outgoing and incoming calls, tap the cancel on the call barring menu.


Final thoughts.

If you have any question regarding this write-up, leave a comment below. Our team of experts will respond to you as soon as possible.

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