In this modern era everyone needs a constant and uninterrupted access to internet to be able to catch up with what’s going on around him or her.

That’s why I’m presenting to you a reliable data bundle in the Ghana Telecom space, Glo Ghana Internet Bundle Packages.

Glo Ghana has been in business for a while now.

Although with a smaller market share in the Ghana telecommunication space, Glo Ghana offers its subscribers with cheap and manageable data plans.

Whether you love to watch movies on YouTube, stream movies on Netflix, download the latest songs, Glo Ghana has got awesome internet bundle packages that can help you stay online.


Glo Ghana has daily, monthly, weekly and unlimited browsing that suits every pocket.

This article entails all you need to know about the Glo Ghana internet bundles, their respective prices and how to subscribe.

You can use your Glo internet bundle on your mobile phone, a universal MiFi or a router.

Article Outline

Why choose Glo Data Plans?

Everyone has their personal opinions on how they use an Internet Service Provider. Well, see the reasons why you should try Glo Internet bundle packages.

  • They have very fast internet connectivity
  • Glo Ghana Internet Bundle are relatively cheaper than other ISPs
  • Glo has a cheaper unlimited monthly data plan.

Glo Ghana Internet Bundles.

Now let’s have a look at the Glo Ghana internet packages.

Glo offers a wide range of packages with different validity dates.

To subscribe to Glo Internet Package, dial *555#. All the available data bundles will be presented to you.

glo internet plans

View the Glo Internet Data Plans Below.

Price (GHc) Base Plan Data Bonus on Renewal
(Available 12AM to 6AM)
Total Validity
1 100MB 50MB 150MB 1
2 200MB 120MB 320MB 7
10 1.75GB 500MB 2.25GB 30


Glo Special/Promotional Bundles.


Is a FIRST of its kind offer that gives 50% bonus on your data subscription while you are on campus at no additional cost or charges.

View the Glo Campus Booster packages below.

Price Off-Campus Additional Data on Campus (50% Extra) Total Data Validity
GHc 1 50MB 25MB 75MB 1 day
GHc 2 100MB 50MB 150MB 5 days
GHc 5 400MB 200MB 600MB 30 days
GHc 10 850MB 425MB 1.25GB 30 days
GHc 15 1.5GB 750MB 2.25GB 30 days


THE Glo Twin Bash

The Twin Bash package gives 600% extra value for data and airtime minutes. To enjoy this offer, buy a recharge card and load directly using *127*PIN# and get 600% of its value.

Glo Ghana Unlimited Internet Bundles.

With GHS 300, you can enjoy Glo for the whole month (30 days) with no strings attached. Just load your glo SIM Card with enough airtime and dial *127*30# to activate.


How to check your Glo Ghana Number.

Every network Provider has a unique code that enables subscribers know their telephone number. To check your Glo number in Ghana, dial *1244#.

Glo Ghana Internet Settings.

To properly configure your Glo SIM to access the Internet you need to set correct APN, and other details right. Alternatively, you can call Glo’s customer line for prompt assistance.

To configure the Glo internet setting, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the phone’s menu
  2. Got to wireless networks
  3. Go to mobile networks
  4. Go to Access Point Names (APN)
  5. Select New APN
  6. Edit APN – enter the details below for the specific fields


APN: Internet

Auth TYPE: None or PAP

How to borrow Glo data bundle.

You might be in dire need of data bundle to check something on the internet but don’t have enough to do that.

Glo lends data to its subscribers. To borrow Glo data simply dial, *5321# and choose the volume of data you would like to borrow.

Additional Information.

Almost all glo data plans can be rolled over.

To check your glo data blance dial *127#.


Does Glo Support 4g?

Yes, Glo do have 4g support and are applicable to all data plans. Get a 4g compatible device and enjoy a faster internet. For more information about GLO GHANA 4G click HERE

For more information about the Glo internet bundles, call their customer care lines or visit any nearest Glo office around you.


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