In this post, we are going to show you how to generate a Vodafone Cash token for a receiver to withdraw money with ease.

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What is Vodafone Cash Token?

When you send money to a non-mobile money user, Vodafone will give you a token (12-digit serial number) and a secret code.

The token and the secret code is what you will give to the receiver to go and withdraw the money.

Tokens are only generated when money is sent to a non-mobile money user only.

How to get the token on Vodafone Cash

  1. dial the Vodafone cash code (*110#
  2. choose option 1 (Send money)
  3. choose option 3 (to non-registered)
  4. enter receiver’s number
  5. confirm number
  6. enter the amount you want to send
  7. tap 1 to confirm and send
  8. You’ll receive a mobile money message confirming the transaction.
  9. The recipient will also receive a cash-in message.

Recipient: How to withdraw money using Vodafone token.

After receiving the token and the secret code, you can now proceed to withdraw the money. Follow the steps below to achieve that.

To withdraw the money:

  1. Visit the nearest Vodafone Cash agent
  2. Ask the agent that you want to withdraw money using a Vodafone Cash token
  3. he will initiate the transaction and ask for the secret code and token
  4. after successful processing you will be given the exact amount sent by the sender.

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Post update on October 19, 2020