Glo Ghana Mifi is a portable Wi-Fi device which allows up to 6 devices to connect and use its secure mobile internet

It is powered by a rechargeable battery and can be positioned anywhere for the best internet connection.

In this article, we are going to give you every detail you need to know about this wifi device: price in Ghana, where to buy, bundle promotions and many more.


Things to note when you first buy your Glo Mifi

You should take note of the following after purchasing your device.

  • charge the device until the battery is fully charged.
  • the package comes with a USB cord for charging of device
  • there is a Glo SIM card also in the package


Why must you buy a Mifi from Glo Ghana?

  • you get cheaper internet bundle packages
  • it helps you to work for longer hours without internet cut.
  • you don’t need a USB cable to connect to wifi. It rather works using Wi-fi.
  • you can connect up to about 10 devices at the same time. This enable easy sharing of data between devices at home or office.


Glo Mifi Price in Ghana

Glo MiFi costs GHC 180 in Ghana.

However, you are supposed to choose a mandatory data plan which will be added to the cost of the MiFi.

The Glo Mifi data plans available are listed below.

60GB = GHC 100

100GB = GHC 150

Unlimited = GHC 300


MiFi price with data packages

Mifi + 60GB = GHC 280

Mifi + 100GB = GHC 330

Mifi + unlimited Data = GHC 480


Where to buy your Glo Mifi

You can purchase your device at any Glo office or an authorized agent in Ghana near you.

For more information call 100.

You can also order the device online and get the it delivered to you at no extra cost. See how to order below.

  1. Visit HERE
  2. Choose your location and type of Glo Mifi.
  3. Select a mandatory data plan.


How to connect your Glo Mifi to your phone or Laptop.

  1. Turn on the MiFi device
  2. Go to the computer network settings. Your Mifi device name will be shown there
  3. Click on it to connect

The password/security key is found at the back of your Mifi


  1. To connect your Glo Mifi to your mobile phone
  2. Go to your phone’s network settings
  3. Locate and tap on Wi-fi connection
  4. A list of available networks will show up
  5. Tap on the Mifi network and connect
  6. Enter the password to establish a secure connection.


How to check your Glo Mifi balance

  1. Remove the sim card and place it inside a phone.
  2. Dial *124#
  3. Your remaining internet bundle balance will be displayed to you.


Important information

If you want more information concerning this Mi-Fi device, do contact Glo Ghana on 100.

You can also visit their social media pages and make your enquiries. Thank you.


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