The usage of E zwich has grown in recent times especially in this era of mobile payment. Everyone needs a faster and stress-free way to get paid. That is why there is a need to link your E zwich to your bank account or even mobile money. We tackled that in our previous post. You can check it out below.

How to withdraw money from E zwich.

How to link E Zwich to your bank account


In this post, I bring to you how you can easily check your E zwich balance Online with Ease. Before I move one let get the basics right.

Is there an express way one can check his or her E zwich account balance online? Is there an online portal one can log in to check their E zwich account balance?

The answer to the questions above is a big NO. As at the time of writing this article, the only way one could check their account balance is to visit the nearest E zwich compliant bank or accredited agent. See the steps below in checking your account balance.

Steps to Check E zwich Account Balance

  1. Locate and visit any E zwich agent near you. You can visit any bank that supports E Zwich.
  2. Speak to the teller that you want to check your account balance.
  3. Your card will be collected to initiate the process.
  4. Sit down and wait patiently as your card details are being collected by the teller.
  5. After a successful operation the teller will give you a printout slip which has your account balance and other details.
  6. You can proceed to withdraw or otherwise.

Did you encounter any problem during the process? Leave a comment below, let’s get interactive.

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