Welcome back to PC BOSS ONLINE. Today, we are writing about what a car loan is, where to get an auto loan and buy that your dream car with ease. Read on.

You may need a car now, but don’t have enough money to buy one. Do not worry, you are not alone – you can get a loan in Ghana to buy your dream car. Want to know how? Continue reading.

Buying a dream car can be both daunting and complicated. Few banks and other firms in Ghana offer loan facilities designed for customers to purchase any used or new car of their choice.

Now lets delve into what an auto loan is, which banks offer car loans and how to apply.

What is a car/auto loan?

A car loan is simply a personal loan which is used to purchase an automobile.

They are slightly different form other personal loan in that they are always secured loans, whose collateral is the vehicle itself.

If the borrower fails to make payments of the loan, the vehicle will be repossessed and sold to pay of the loan debt.


Banks that offer car loans in Ghana.


CalBank offer an auto loan credit facility. This service enables its customers purchase any vehicle of their choice.

To qualify for CalBank’s car loan in Ghana, you must meet all the laid down requirements.

Eligibility Criteria.

Applicant must

  • Be 18 – 53 years old.
  • Be on a minimum salary of GHS 500.00
  • Have at least 6 months of employment record, otherwise the credit manager uses his discretion.
  • Present a 6 months Bank Statement (For clients with accounts with other banks.)

Requirements for a car loan from CalBank.

Applicant must:

  • Be an account holder to access the loan facility
  • Complete the CalBank auto loan application form

For more information, visit CalBank Auto Loan website.


Societe Generale.

Societe Generale, formerly SSB Bank offers customers the opportunity to own their dream car by accessing the Societe Generale Ghana Happy Auto Loan.

The Happy Auto Loan is a collaboration between the bank and Allianz-Insurance Company Limited.

To get a car loan at the Societe Generale Bank, visit any of their branches nationwide or call 0302 214 314. You can as well visit their official website for more details.

General Requirements for Societe General Bank’s auto loan.

Applicant must:

  • Be a salaried worker
  • Be willing to insure the car comprehensively

How it works

  1. Select a new or used car (up to 5 years old, from the year of manufacture) from any of their approved Happy Auto Loan Vendors in Kumasi or Accra.
  2. Get an invoice for the car from the vendor, and take it to any Societe Generale Ghana branch to begin the application process.

If you have further inquiries call the number given above.

Orbit Money Lending Vehicle Financing.

This loan allows our clients to buy a new or used car by paying only a small down payment and the rest in monthly installments over a period of up to 2years. Collateral security is required.

Other banks and financial institutions that gives auto loans in Ghana are

  • Stanbic Bank
  • Republic Bank Ghana Limited
  • Izwe Ghana.

Frequently asked questions.

Which bank is best for an Car loan In Ghana?

There is no specific bank which is classified as best in auto loans. It solely depends on the experiences of a user.

Try any of the services of the above listed banks and give us your feedback. Thank you.

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