In this article, I shall elaborate on Vodafone special offers. Vodafone special offers are amazing  deal for Vodafone subscriber that makes Vodafone unique in other networks. The registered office and global headquarters of British multinational telecommunications business Vodafone Group Plc are located in Newbury, Berkshire, England. Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania are where services are mostly offered.

By November 2020, Vodafone will own and operate networks in 22 countries, and it will also have partner networks in a further 48 countries. The company’s Vodafone Global Enterprise division provides telecommunications and IT services to companies in 150 different countries. The London Stock Exchange is where Vodafone’s primary listing sits, making it a member of the FTSE 100 Index. Additionally, Nasdaq lists the company.

Racal Electronics’ then-chairman Ernest Harrison and Lord Weinstock of the General Electric Company struck a contract in 1980 to provide Racal access to some of GEC’s tactical warfare radio technologies. Ernest Harrison instructed Gerry Whent, chief of Racal’s military radio branch, to push the business into commercial mobile radio. In order to comprehend the practical use of military radio technology, Whent traveled to a General Electric mobile radio factory in Virginia, USA, that same year (unrelated to GEC).


Made For Me Offer 

This is a promotion that Vodafone prepaid users frequently receive. The deal varies daily, and you can acquire a large bundle while paying less. You can get as little as 5GB for GHS5 with the made-for-me offer, or 1GB for GHS1. Dial *530#, choose your preferred plan, and then your selected payment option to sign up for this promotion.

Special Data For Vodafone Cash subscribers

Subscribers to Vodafone Cash are eligible for this exclusive deal. To enjoy this Vodafone Cash offer simply dial the Vodafone Cash short code *110# and then click Buy Airtime or Data and then select Special Offers. With this promotion, you can acquire 500MB of data for as little as GHS1.60, 550MB for GHS2.15 and 1.5GB for GHS3.25—all of which are valid for a day.

Bossu Weekend

Bossu weekend is for people who get to browse during the weekends but are often busy during the workweek. You can get the bossu weekend offer for GHS 6.00, which includes 5.18GB of data to utilize over the weekend along with 100 minutes of airtime to call all networks for 50 minutes each day. Dial *5588# to activate the Vodafone Bossu weekend promotion, then choose options 3 and 1 to confirm.

Vodafone 2Moorch Data

This deal offers 1.5GB for GHS10 that lasts for 15 days, 4.5GB night for GHS 20 that lasts for 10 days, and 11GB for GHS 50 that lasts for 15days and also 125GB that last for a month. Dial *700#, choose Option 1, Option 4, and then your selected package to sign up for the Vodafone 2Moorch data offer.


You can contact someone on Vodafone Kasa Tenten and only be charged for the first minute. All subsequent minutes are free. This deal is not just limited to Vodafone; it may be used to contact any number. Dial *135# and follow the prompts to take advantage of the Vodafone Kasa Tenten promotion.