The purpose of this post is to list all the most recent Vodafone Ghana internet bundle packages, cheap deals, tricks, and anything related. I use Vodafone most of the time in terms to surf the internet. See the available Vodafone bundles below:

Do you want an unlimited bundle or an affordable browsing package for your internet needs? Vodafone has got awesome data bundle promotions for you.

Vodafone Ghana, a telecommunication giant in Ghana has one of the most flexible internet bundle packages that suit everyone’s pocket.

Whether you’re a “YouTuber”, “streamer”, “Netflix addict”, or a normal online user, there’s a Vodafone bundle offer that suits your online behavior.

This post talks about all the latest Vodafone data offers in Ghana and also how to get cheap data plans on the Vodafone Ghana network.

Vodafone has normal internet packages, special packages, the made4me offer, Vodafone red bundles for calls, the Bossu data plans, and the Vodafone special offer on Vodafone cash.

Without wasting much time let’s delve into the Vodafone Ghana data bundle packages, their prices, data volume, and how to subscribe to each of them.

Article Outline

Vodafone Cash Special Offer

This is one of the most sought-after data offers. It is very easy to activate. Just get registered on Vodafone Cash and you’re good to go. See the packages below and how to subscribe:

Offer Price
350MB GHS 2.00
450MB GHS 2.15
1.5GB GHS 3.25

How to buy this package

  1. Dial *110#
  2. Select option 3
  3. Choose option 3 (Special Offer)
  4. Select option 1 (My Phone) or 2 for others
  5. Choose your desired package
  6. Enter your Vodafone Cash pin code to buy

Vodafone Normal bundle packages.

This Vodafone data bundle package code is *700#. You’ll be presented with a list of all available packages ranging from a week validity to a month validity. To access this Vodafone Ghana internet bundle package;

  • Dial *700#
  • Choose option 1 (buy an internet package)
  • Select your preferred bundle package.

Now let’s see the data packages below.

Vodafone Daily, Weekly & Monthly Internet Data Packages.

Data Offers Code Price (GHs) Allocation Validity
Daily/Bossu Offers *700# 3 500 MB 1 Day
*700# 5 900 MB 3 Days
*700# 10 1.4 GB 5 Days
*700# 15 2.5 GB 5 Days
Weekly offers *700# 10 1.3 GB 15 Days
*700# 20 3 GB 5 Days
Monthly/Jumbo Offers *700# 20 2.8 GB 30 Days
*700# 50 6 GB 30 Days
*700# 100 14 GB 30 Days
*700# 200 45 GB 30 Days
*700# 300 130 GB 30 Days
*700# 400 250 GB 30 Days
Hourly Offers *700# 1 400 MB 1 Hour
*700# 2 1 GB 1 Hour
Bossu *700# 10 1.4 GB 5 Days
*700# 15 2.5 GB 5 Days
*700# 43.5 5 GB 15 Days
Digi-Learn *700# 10 Unlimited Data for selected educational portals 30 Days

Vodafone Jumbo Bundles

This bundle package is ideal for those who consume a lot of data. You can download movies, stream live matches, etc. with this amazing bundle package.

55GB 200
145GB 299
250GB 399

Note: All Jumbo packages last for a 30-day period.

Vodafone Hourly Bundle Package.

This Vodafone bundle offer comes in handy when one wants to go online for a short period to do something urgently. Just dial *700# and get yourself an hourly Vodafone Ghana bundle.

500MB 1 1
2GB 2 1

The Night King Bundles.

This is one of Vodafone’s best browsing offers. It is designed for those who love to spend the night browsing the internet.

They have two offers in this package. View the list below.

Product Name Size Price Validity Code
Night King 1 2GB GHS 2.15 12am – 4am *700*71#
Night King 2 7.5GB GHS 5.40 12am – 4am *700*72#

Now that we’re done with the normal Vodafone Ghana data bundle packages, let’s delve into other special Vodafone bundle packages.

Vodafone Bossu Data Packages.

The bossu bundle is another exciting package that offers clients huge data volumes and call minutes to all networks at relatively cheaper prices.

Few customers know about this offer. To access the Vodafone Bossu offer, dial *5588# and follow the prompts that follow. See this offer’s data volume and their respective costs below.

Bossu Offers Code Price (GHS) Allocation Validity
Bossu Daily Offer *5588# 2.15 104 MB Data & 60 mins to all local networks 24 Hours
Bossu Weekend *5588# 6 5.18GB Data (2.59 GB/day) & 100 minutes (50 mins/day to all local networks) Saturday & Sunday
Bossu Data Weekly *5588# 10 1.4 GB Data 5 Days
Bossu Data Weekly Extra *5588# 15 2.5 GB Data 5 Days
Bossu Data Weekly Plus *5588# 43.50 5 GB Data 15 Days

THE Vodafone Made4Me Offer

The made4me offer is a special package given to Vodafone subscribers based on one’s internet usage within a period.

Vodafone Made4Me Packages may include 2GB for 3 days, 5 GB for 5 days, 700MB for a day, 1GB for 3 days, and many more.

vodafone bundle

vodafone bundle

Keep using Vodafone to get great offers on Made4Me

Vodafone 2 Much Data.

An exciting package that gives you enough data bundle for browsing, calling, and SMS.

See the packages below.

Offer Code Price Allocation Validity
Streamer Max Weekly *700# 10 1.55GB + 1.55GB for Night 15 days
Chat Monthly *700# 20 4.14GB + 4.14GB for Night 30 days
Downloader Monthly *700# 50 10.35GB + 10.35GB for Night 30 days

Vodafone Special Offer on Vodafone Cash Only.

I’ve already written about how to get 1.5GB data for just GHS 3. To get the Vodafone Cash special bundle offer, you need to be registered with Vodafone Cash. View the bundle packages of this special offer below.

Price (GHs) Data Validity 
2.50 450 MB 24 hours
3.50 800 MB 24 hours
4.50 1.3 GB 24 hours
500MB 1.60 1 DAY
600MB 2.15 1 DAY
1.5GB 3.25 1 day

Vodafone Bundle Codes

Knowing the various exciting bundle packages is not enough. Below is a list of all Vodafone Ghana bundle codes.

  • *5888#
  • *700#
  • *200#
  • *110#
  • *900#

Other special Vodafone data offers


Vodafone Black (also referred to in this document as the “Service”) is an exclusive, members-only service of Ghana Telecommunications Company Limited (trading as Vodafone Ghana, and hereinafter referred to as “Vodafone”).

Price point Vodafone Calls Other Networks Data(GB) IDD SMS
Vodafone Black 250 5000 1500 20 200 1000

Vodafone 5 cedis for 5gb for 7 days code

This offer is no longer available as of the time of writing this post.

Vodafone Call Bundles

List of Vodafone Call Bundles.

The Vodafone Broadband Internet Packages.

The broadband packages provided by Vodafone Ghana give businesses and individuals the opportunity to always stay connected to the internet.

The Vodafone broadband packages are beyond the scope of this article. Click here to view packages.

For more information about Vodafone Broadband packages, watch the video below.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I borrow Vodafone Data?

There is no way of borrowing Vodafone data at the time of writing this article.

However, one can borrow credit via the SOS service. The borrowed credit can then be used for data subscription.  

How can I share Vodafone Bundle with someone.?

One cannot directly share bundles with another. However, you can buy the bundle for someone using Vodafone cash or airtime

I’m glad you’re here.

I hope by now you’ve been updated with the latest Vodafone Ghana bundle packages.

How can I buy Vodafone data?

Vodafone Ghana does not currently have mashup bundle packages as at the time of writing this article

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