The National Communications Authority (NCA) in Ghana has authorized Space X Starlink GH LTD to offer Satellite Broadband Services in the country, marking a significant advancement in the telecommunications sector.

This decision, announced through an official statement on April 25, follows the Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation’s approval of the Satellite Licensing Framework in Ghana.

The NCA’s approval signifies a crucial milestone, with the licensing process currently underway and nearing completion, as stated in the official communication.

Below is the full statement by the NCA:

NCA starlink approval

Ghana has faced significant internet disruptions due to undersea cable cuts, leading to nationwide blackouts that severely impacted daily activities in March 2024.

This event emphasized the vulnerability of Ghana’s reliance on traditional terrestrial internet infrastructure and the need for more resilient alternatives.

This situation led to a demand for alternative internet solutions. Certain segments of the Ghanaian population urged the government to expedite the licensing process for Starlink in Ghana. Fast forward to April 2024, and the good news arrives: The National Communications Authority (NCA) has approved Starlink to operate in Ghana. What are your thoughts on this significant milestone?


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