MTN Xpress Loan. How To Get GHC 1,000 in 2 Minutes.


I’ve written about the MTN QWIKLOAN in a previous post. This post entails details about the new MTN quick loan service called MTN Xpress Loan, how to borrow and repay.

Initially, you could only apply for the qwikloan introduced by the afb bank in collaboration with MTN Ghana.

 A new loan service has been added to the Mobile money loan services namely Xpress Loan (pronounced express loan).

Although similar to former MTN quick loan, xpress loan comes with its own exciting features. See how you can get a loan from xpress loan using your MTN Mobile money line.

What is Xpress Loan

This loan service offers loans to selected MTN customers. No savings or paperwork is needed, you get paid directly into your momo account

How to borrow money from xpress loan

  • Dial *170#
  • Enter option 5 (Financial services)
  • Enter option 3 (Loans)
  • Enter option 2 ( XpressLoan)
  • Enter option 1 (Get a loan)
  • Enter your MM pin to proceed
  • Enter option one ( View offers)
  • Enter your preferred amount
  • Enter option 1 to confirm your repayment plan

Hurray, you’ve successfully borrowed from MTN Xpress Loan.


Terms and condition of this Quick Mobile Money Loan (Xpress Loan)

We’ll update this post with the terms and conditions of Xpress Loan shortly. Do revisit us.





  1. I have difficulty in accessing a new even though I have paid my previous loan before due date. Any help? I need the money urgent. My number is 0244220949

  2. I got a loan on the 28th of June and i repaid on 2nd July but they are denying me this time. I also need it urgently

    • Please I took a loan for the fourth time from MTN Qwikloan but for the last two Months the system always tell me am not eligible, I contacted the customer care line and I was told after I took the last one, my credit runs low to be compare to the other times meaning I wasn’t using my MoMo account frequently as I use to. Right now my problem is the agent told me to use my MoMo account and this made use this line for business. I have used the line for two months and I have gotten even common Hi from MTN. I want to know if The Qwikloan is been changed to Xpress loan?.

        • Hello please , i repaid my loan today and i want to borrow another one but they keep saying You are not qualified for a loan at the moment . I should recharge frequently and use momo , i have been using momo . Please help me i need money to pay for handouts in school please and also for food please . This is my number 0552517588

  3. I think MTN stuffs have stopped giving out the loan, cos the keep denying me of loan I requested, though they keep sending me am qualify for a quick loan but when am applying it it they keep, denying me of loan, hope they re- update their system, or better still reset their system to be able to grant us the loan, thanks

  4. thanks for helping us when we are in hardship but why is that you pay your money on time but will not get another one when you apply

  5. I borrowed some money and repaid the next day. I’m trying to take another loan and I’m been told I’ve reached my loan application limit. What does that mean?

  6. I paid a loan today which will expire tomorrow…..I need money urgently and I wanted to request for another loan but they said I’m not qualified 

  7. I paid my loan before the time they gave me so that I can get another, after using all the money on me to pay now they said i don’t quilify not even that the day was due and I was not paying.

  8. I took a loan from MTN Xpress loan and paid it back within 16 days instead of the normal 30 days. After the payment of my loan, a request for another loan was refused and I was told that I am not qualified for another loan. Kindly help to understand why I am not qualified for another loan when I had paid my loan earlier before the due time.

  9. I took a loan on the 2nd of February, 2020 and I was supposed to paid off on the 3rd March,2020 but instead I paid on the17th of February,2020. Since then anytime I try to access a loan is denied with a message that am not qualify for a loan now a need to top my MoMo account and airtime to qualify me.
    I don’t really understand

  10. Please have requested for a loan and have paid it they said have reach my limit so should try latterlater la

  11. Pls I have been trying to access the new xpress loan service but anytime I do, they keep telling me that I do not have an offer. Pls this is my number; 0559668320, I need some amount of money to further my business.


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