In this article, we will be looking at MTN magic number code and how to activate it. MTN is the leading mobile network operator in Africa, providing 272 million users across 19 markets in Africa and the Middle East with the advantages of a modern connected life.

MTN was founded in South Africa in 1994 at the start of democracy as a pioneer in change. Since then, it has expanded by making investments in advanced communication infrastructure, creating new technologies, and utilizing the skills of a varied workforce to provide services to communities throughout Africa and the Middle East.

Article Outline


The MTN magic number is a limited-time promotion that enables new subscribers to call a specific MTN number for free for six months by dialing *550#. If it has been longer than six months, you are ineligible for this offer.


  • Dial *550#
  • select option 8(more)
  • choose option 2 (magic number)
  • Enter 1 (MTN free call offer)
  • Enter the phone number you want to use for subscription and you send the number will be activated.

Note that after the sim is six months old you will begin to pay for any call you do with your magic number. Also it’s only one number on one newly subscribed sim card and it can’t be changed.


MTN Short codes Description
*124# Balance Inquiry. Check your credit balance
*134*PIN# Reloading Airtime
*138# Internet Bundles and SMS bundles
*1390# Reserve your number
*144*airtime receiver number*voucher number# Recharge airtime for someone
*156# Check your MTN mobile number
*170# MTN mobile money code
*175# Code to See and deactivate all MTN subscriptions
*198# MTN Me2 u
*198>Transfer>receiver number>Amount>Decimal>Pin Share Credit
*296# MTN aYo recharge with care
*300*20# Get jokes from MTN
*315# MTN Free After 1 (MTN Nkomode)
*400# Know your sim card details
*5050# MTN Sunday Special
*5055# MTN Jaara
*506# To borrow Some Credit
*511# Generate Mobile Money ATM token
*545# Check data usage
*550# MTN Free Call 6 months(MTN Akwaaba)
*567# MTN Pulse
*585# MTN internet settings short code
*595# To exempt (or include) yourself from mobile money interest payments to your account
0554300000 MTN WhatsApp line
100 MTN Call Center
108 MTN Voicemail
1515 Mobile Money fraud. Send a text message to 1515 from your phone with the name of the merchant and date of the incident.
154[0244000000] MTN pay for me. Dial 154 followed by number without space. This will make the recipient of the call pay for the call.
MOVIES to 1412 Silverbird movie schedule
Send STOP To 1355 Unsubscribe from callertunez
*141# MTN Just4U



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