In this article, I will be taking you through how to check your Vodafone number on your personal phone. Do you easily forget your Vodafone number? or you have issues of memorizing your number then this article will guide you through how to check your number any time.

Vodafone is one of Ghana’s largest telecom firms, serving more than 15 million customers. They provide their customers fantastic packages that are customized to meet their wants for straightforward communication activities. This business, Vodafone Ghana, also known as Ghana Telecom, is a subsidiary of Vodacom Group, the top-ranking telecommunications provider in Africa. Ghana’s official communications provider is called Vodafone.

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For you to know your Vodafone number simply dial *127# 0r enter 99 on the Vodafone sim which you want to know the number and send, you will then see your number displayed on the screen of your phone.

Racal Strategic Radio Ltd. was founded in 1981 by Racal Electronics, the largest producer of military radio equipment in the UK. In the end, this business merged with Millicom to create Racal, a joint venture that eventually became Vodafone. The company chose the name Vodafone because it is VOice DAta FONE, or “represents the supply of voice and data services over mobile phones” (the latter being a spectacular spelling of “phone”).

As of January 2020, it had 9.3 million mobile voice subscribers, or 13.81% of the Ghanaian market. Patricia Obo-Nai, the first female CEO of Vodafone Ghana, is a Ghanaian. They were named a Top Employer in Africa for the third consecutive year by the Top Employers Institute in January 2021.


100 Call centre
*119*Number# Send Call me back
600 Porting
175 050 Number reservation (Text #book+space+the number to 175)
1080 Access code for fixed prepaid lines
*150# Roaming enquiry
*151# VIS (Vodafone Information Service)
*124# Account balance
*134*PIN Reload
*484*1# Reseller balance
*142# Swipe card service menu access
*126# To check bundle information
*127# To know a mobile number
*127*11# General news
*200# Vodafone Red offer
*505# SOS credit
*700# Vodafone mobile internet (Packages, bundles and more)
*145# Agent Sim registration
*313# Vodafone live radio
*404# Deactivating from VF Mini Pack
*900# FBB bill payment and balance info
*400# To check for your sim registration
*474# Micro payment
*566# Super Hour
*543# Vodafone Good Morning
*480# Vodafone Unlimited Offers
*110# Vodafone Cash
*591# Vodafone Cash Agent Helpline
*510# Agent Application Code
558 Register Vodafone Cash by sending register to shortcode
*530# Made For Me
*533# Yendi Agoro
*565# Number For Life
*7070# Vodafone Supreme
*556# Vodafone Vim offers
*5888# Vodafone X
##21# or ##002# Deactivate from VF Mini pack


You can reach Vodafone Ghana on the information below for all your problem concerning the network to be solved.

Helpline100/ 050 555 5111



Helpline100/ 050 555 5111

SMS655 (Mobile) 755 (Fixed)