How To Change Download Location In Google Chrome Browser

Change Download Location In Google Chrome

Today, you will learn how to change your downloading path in Google Chrome browser. You’re kind of exhausted when you’re unable to locate a file you downloaded to your PC using Google Chrome, Right?

2 Reasons Why You must Change Your Downloading Path in Google Chrome?
  • For easy accessibility of files downloaded.
  • Direct a specific file type to defined folder.

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A complete guide on how to change download location in Google Chrome have been outlined below. Please make sure you read through each step.

Let’s get started…

STEP #1. Launch (Open) your Chrome browser

STEP #2. Click on the “three dots” at the top right corner of the browser. See below:

Google Chrome tutorials

STEP #3. Next, click on “Settings” from the pop up menu

Click on settings

STEP #4. After opening settings in a new tab, locate the “Advanced” tab beneath the Settings. Refer below:

Locate Advanced button

STEP #5. Locate “Download” label. See below:

Download Label

STEP #6. If you want to be asked where to save each file before downloading, you can toggle to switch it on. That way, you’ll be asked where you want to save a specific file (document). Refer to STEP #7 below (label 2):

STEP #7. By default, Chrome directs all downloaded files to a default folder called downloads. You may change the direction your downloaded files by clicking on the “Change” button. Refer to the diagram below (label 1):

Define file location

STEP #8. Chrome will open a location for you to select a folder. I personally recommend selecting “Downloads” folder which will collect all kinds of files (documents) you download, unless of course you know what you’re doing. See below:

Select download folder

STEP #9. Finally, click on “Select Folder

That’s it…! You finally made it.

I hope this was helpful


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