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How to change the Bluetooth Name of Windows 10 PC.

This article is going to be a short and quick one as I show you how to change the Bluetooth name of your Windows 10 PC.

Your Windows 10 Bluetooth’s name is often required when you want to receive a file from another Bluetooth device or when you want to pair your phone with your PC.

To successfully change the Bluetooth name of your computer, follow the steps below.

You can watch the video below.

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It contains all the steps. If for some reason you can’t watch, then read on.

  • Click on the Start Menu
  • Click on Settings

  • Navigate to System

  • Click on “About”

  • Under the device specifications, click on Rename this PC

  • Type the name you want to give to your computer (this is the name the Bluetooth will be using henceforth
  • Click ok to proceed
  • Click on “Restart Now” to affect the changes.

You’ve successfully changed the Bluetooth name of your PC.

Happy pairing and sharing.

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