Are you planning of getting a blender for your home?

Hisense Blenders are one of the most sought after on the Ghanaian electronics market.

Using a blender helps to avoid the stress you have to go through grinding in an earthenware bowl.

In this post, I am going to take you through the amazing features of Hisense blenders, prices in Ghana, where to buy and other relevant information.

Knowing the prices of Hisense Blenders in Ghana will enable you to make a sound decision when buying a new blender.

Features of Hisense blenders.

Before we take a look at the prices of their blenders, I would like us to briefly see the features of Hisense blenders.

  • Affordable as compared to the general market
  • Energy efficient
  • Durable and quality

Types of Hisense Blenders.

Hisense Ghana has the following blender types.

  • The chopper
  • Normal blender

Hisense blender price list.

Now let’s take a look at the prices.

Note that the prices I have listed here may increase or decrease depending on the current market conditions.

For more information contact Hisense Ghana on 030 255 0000 Or visit

Blender LX213 – A 5 Speed.

Price: GHC 200


Chopper 1.5L Plastic NWL-4015

hisense blender chopper

Price: GHC 245



How to get Hisense Products at cheap prices.

You can get Hisense products at very cheap prices by taking advantage of festive seasons, black Friday, flash sales, anniversary sales and special discount seasons.

We always update our Hisense articles with promotional deals.

You need to revisit this site for updates.


Where to buy Hisense blenders.

You can get your blender from any of their showrooms nationwide. See list of showrooms from the link below.

Hisense Showrooms in Ghana.


Useful information.

Before you purchase any fridge in Ghana, it is recommended you should

Check the energy efficiency of it.

This can be done by checking the number of stars on it.

The higher the number of stars, the higher its energy efficiency.

Also, check the integrity of the product you are buying.

Don’t accept your Hisense refrigerator if the seal is broken.

Always follow the best practices in handling it as this will ensure a long life span of the blender.


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