Here is a list of the best Air Conditioner brands in Ghana for you to explore. I am not going to list out just the best brands of air conditioners you should buy but to also break it down to the best in terms of pricing, warranty, technology, and many more.

In our part of the world, air conditioners have become a luxury for many homes, but I think it’s a necessity looking at the kind of weather we have here. Which brand of air conditioner will you opt for when buying a new one?

There are several ACs in the Ghanaian electronics market at the moment. This guide will examine all the best air conditioners on the market in Ghana, and break them down according to price and value, warranty, efficiency, and features.

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Note that this review is fully based on the opinion of the writer. I have considered a wide variety of important elements when evaluating air conditions, and brand is actually near the bottom of the list.

What do you look out for when buying a new air conditioner? Let’s briefly look at some of the most important features when assessing and buying a new AC.

  • Energy Star
  • Compressor style
  • Warranty
  • Quality and durability
  • Size

Air conditioner Brands in Ghana with the best Pricing (by Budget)

Brand new air conditioners sold in Ghana can typically range from GHS 1,300 to 10,000. The brand, size, technology, energy efficiency, etc. determines the price.

You’ll find the most expensive and most advanced air conditioners from brands like Samsung. Let’s compare some air conditioner brands in Ghana in terms of pricing.

 Note: I am comparing 1.5HP split ACs.

Brand Price (Average)
Hisense GHS 1,700.00
Media GHS 1,600.00
TCL GHS 1,700.00
Samsung 2,000.00
Tosit 1,500
Chigo 1,800.00
Nasco 1,800.00
Blutek 1,800.00
LG 2,700.00
Bruhm 1,500.00
Roch 1,500.00


The best air conditioner brand in Ghana in terms of pricing is TCL. They run periodic promotions known as the TCL Falaa Friday.


Air Conditioners with the Best Warranty Coverage

Brand Years of Warranty
Hisense 5 years


Hisense is the only electronics brand in Ghana that gives a whooping five years manufacturer’s warranty. This shows how confident they are as a brand.

It is currently one of the best AC brands in Ghana.


Five Best Air Conditioners Brands

Below is my list of the five best AC brands in Ghana

  • Samsung
  • TCL
  • Midea
  • LG
  • Chigo


It is very hard to compare Air conditioners and sample the best one out. This is because air conditioners coming from various manufacturers are built with special features which can be peculiar to only a specific model.

The major thing you should consider when buying AC in Ghana is the energy consumption efficiency and warranty.

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