Hi my name is PC Boss. In this one I am going to give you the various types of laptops we have in Ghana and their prices.

Before we begin, let me ask this, do we really have types of laptops? Yes, we do but I am pretty sure people who ask Google this question are probably searching for brands of laptops, and not necessary the type.

In Ghana, there are several types of laptops, take a look at them below.


Laptop Types in Ghana

Notebooks (Normal Laptops)

A laptop computer that is ideal for day to day computer tasks such as web browsing, creating and editing documents, watching videos, playing music and other related tasks.

Most of these kind of laptops are not designed for high performance work such as graphic design, video design and playing games but often used in the offices to accomplish basic office task.

Students who require laptops for studying, send assignments, sending emails and the likes will find these laptops very useful. You are able to run 2 or more apps on a notebook pc, but will struggle with more apps running at the same time.

Price of Notebook laptops in Ghana

A brand-new notebook in Ghana is likely to cost GHC 1,700 to 2,600. Features that mostly influence the pricing of these laptops are the hard disk size, process generation and type, convertible or not, memory size and screen type (touch screen or non-touch).


Mini laptops

Mini laptop is one of the widely used type of laptop in Ghana. It is mostly preferred due to its portability. You can carry a mini laptop with you wherever you go without feeling any stress. They are entry level devices designed for simple computing tasks such as opening, reading and editing documents, web browsing, sending emails, watching videos, etc.

You can’t do so much multitasking on a mini laptop due to their low performance level.

Price of mini laptops in Ghana

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Gaming laptops

These are high performing devices with advanced graphic solutions. They are mostly design to run applications that require high graphic processing without any lags. Gaming laptops can handle a lot of apps running at the same time.

For those that demand high performance in a laptop for tasks like graphic design, playing games, video editing, architectural drawings and the likes, this type of laptop is a must have.

Price of gaming laptops in Ghana

Gaming Laptops Prices in Ghana




Unlike other notebook PCs, Apple computers are bundled with the OS X operating system. It features a clear desktop layout that’s focused on ease-of-use and stability. If you’re new to computing or prefer simple navigation, OS X is a good choice.

MacBooks look great and are ideal for everything from browsing the web to graphics design. They’re constructed from premium materials and feature Apple’s exclusive OS X operating system.

If you’re looking for a laptop with distinctive styling and enough power to run demanding software quickly and easily, a MacBook is ideal.

Price of MacBooks in Ghana

Macbook Prices in Ghana


Chrome Books

Chrome Books are notebooks with the Chrome OS installed by default. Chrome OS is a web-focused operating system that’s designed to get you to your online content as quickly and as easily as possible.

Anything unnecessary has been removed, making it ideal for people that want a simple way to get online. Chromebooks are designed to get you online as easily as possible.

They feature the stripped-back Chrome OS operating system that makes navigation simple, making them a great choice if your daily computing is entirely web-based. They’re the only laptops with access to Google Play (the same app store used by Android phones), so you have access to over a million apps along with music, films, and books.



The above are the highly sought-after laptop types in Ghana. Enter into any laptop or computer shop in Ghana and get yourself a brand new or used laptop.

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