Looking for a trusted electronic store to buy a durable and reliable fridge?

Melcom Ghana is one supermarket you can rely on.

Melcom deal in a wide range of products.

In this post we are focusing on Melcom fridges.

With several months of delivering quality and durable fridges and other reliable products, Melcom fridges are carefully selected fridges from top refrigerator brands worldwide.

Here is this article, we shall focus on some of the fridges sold at Melcom that you may need in your household or business, their respective prices and any other relevant information.

If you need a fridge for you home or for a business, you will get much information here to support you.

Article Outline

Why we recommend Melcom Refrigerators

  • You get a year warranty
  • You get amazing discounts

With that being said, let us see the brands of fridges available at Melcom.


Fridge Brands available at Melcom

There are several brands of refrigerators you can find at Melcom supermarkets. Common brands of Melcom fridges are:

  • Icona London
  • Samsung
  • Bruhm
  • Nasco
  • Akai
  • Midea
  • LG


Now let us have a look at the fridge types they have and the specific prices of each of them.

Double door refrigerators

All the refrigerators under this category are the double door types. They have the freezer either at the top or down compartment.

Check the manual to confirm.

Model / brand Price (GHS)
Nasco double door 143L GHS 1,149.00
Akai double door combi 140L GHS 1,300.00
Midea 109L GHS 1,000.00
Akai 182L GHS 1,500.00
Icona London 82L GHS 900.00
Akai 85L GHS 1,000.00
Samsung Double door 203L GHS 2,000.00
Akai 166L GHS 1,400.00
Nasco 117L GHS 1,100.00
Samsung 384L GHS 4,200.00
Akai 311L GHS 2,069.00
LG 205L GHS 2,500.00
IGNIS 252 Litres GHS 2,000.00
Dzire 85 litres GHS 900.00



Single door refrigerators

Single door fridges are ideal for a small household which has few items to store.

You can get a sizeable single door fridge from melcom (any brand) at an affordable price.

See the list below.

Name Price
Akai 93 Litres GHS 700.00
Sharp 90 Litres GHS 859.00
Midea upright freezer 170 litres GHS 1,400.00
Beko 93 Litres GHS 890.00
Aka 166L GHS 1,329.00
Dzire 300 litres GHS 1,799.00
Akai 46 litres GHS 650.00
Binatone 92L GHS 749.00
Akai 176L with dispenser GHS 1,500.00



Chest freezers

Freezers and chest freezers are ideal for business and other commercial purposes.

It can also be used for large homes. See the price of chest freezers at Melcom.

Fridge name Price
Binatone chest freezer 330L GHS 1,849.00
Nasco Chest freezer 200 Litres GHS 1,269.00
Dzire single door chest freezer 95 litres GHS 899.00
Sharp 354 litres chest freezer GHS 2,399.00
Nasco 260 litres GHS 1,569.00
Beko 530 Litres GHS 2,949.00
Dzire 300 litres GHS 1,799.00
Sharp 445 litres GHS 2,899.00
Midea 412 Litres GHS 2,099.00
Beko 355 litres chest freezer GHS 2,599.00
Akai 380 litres GHS 2,149.00



How to purchase a fridge from Melcom

It is simple and straightforward.

All you have to do is to visit the nearest Melcom branch or use their online supermarket platform to make an order.

Your item will be delivered to you in no time.

Also note that you get a free delivery.


Contact Melcom Ghana

For more information regarding Melcom frigdes, visit any Melcom shoop near you or contact  056 111 2777


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