Our SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards do not only help us to use our phones to the maximum, they also help to identify us.

An MTN sim helps to identify the user and ensures that the user receives packages that are tailored just for him or her.

Upon buying an MTN sim, one is required to register the sim card with their details.

These details include
1. Name of the user
2. Date of birth
3. Gender
4. Address of user
5. Valid ID number.

After registering your sim card with all these, you can now go on to use your sim card and enjoy all the packages made for you.

However, what happens when one of your details change?

For instance, when you receive a new ID with a new ID number.

In this case, you will have to change the ID number on your sim registration report to the current ID number you now have.

This will enable MTN serve you better.

How to change MTN sim card registration details

1. Visit any MTN customer service shop.
MTN has customer service shops everywhere in areas that are close to you.

These include: Madina zongo Junction, Spintex, Kasoa, Accra Central and Dansoman.

2. You will have to provide a valid National ID. Either of these :
Voter ID
Driver’s License
Ghana Card

Whilst foreign nationals will be required to update their details with their National passport.

3. Once at the office, the information you can update includes your name, date of birth, gender, address (physical address), valid ID number and details of valid identification documents.

4. Once this has been done for you with the help of an MTN agent at the office, you can go through the info to make sure that everything stated is correct.

5. There you have it!. Details updated successfully.

Make sure to update the details of your mtn sim card from time to time to enjoy better offers and network from MTN.

Visit mtn.com.gh for more information on how to change your MTN SIM registration details.

Post update on July 20, 2021