Hi, I am PC Boss. In this article, I am going to make known to you all Vodafone Cash withdrawal charges.

Mobile money transactions have become an integral part of the Ghanaian banking system.

Many businesses are now accepting Vodafone cash as a means of payments rather than receiving physical cash.

All the mobile telecommunication networks have incorporated mobile banking into their system. MTN Mobile came first into the scene, Vodafone cash followed and on and on.

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Vodafone Cash remains the second-largest mobile banking system in the country as at the time of writing this article.


Vodafone Cash Withdrawal Charges

Any transaction that you make on Vodafone cash comes with some charges. You pay a charge on the following transactions.

  • Withdrawal of cash
  • Sending of cash
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At the moment, sending money to all networks using your Vodafone Cash wallet remains free.

However, some cost is usually incurred when withdrawing money.

vodafone cash withdrawal charges

vodafone cash withdrawal charges

The amount deducted as a withdrawal charge depends on the amount you want to withdraw.

When you cash out money from a Vodafone Cash agent, here are the charges incurred;

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Transaction Amount (GHS) Withdrawal Charge (Cash Out)
0.01 – 50 GHS 0.50
50.01 – 100 1%
1000.01 – 2000 GHS 10.00



Vodafone Cash transfer to all networks is free of charge. Visit the nearest Vodafone Cash agent to register.


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