This post gives you the price of Fufu Machines in Ghana.

Fufu is a smooth and thick blend of boiled cassava and plantain or yam.

This thick blend is then enjoyed with any soup of your choice. (Groundnut soup, palmnut soup)

Fufu has and will always be a favourite of many Ghanaians.

It is enjoyed by all Ghanaians; no matter your tribe or language.

This how important this meal is to many us.

Sunday special for many.

What is a sunny sunday afternoon without fufu? A very boring Sunday!

However, the stress of manually pounding fufu has made many people very reluctant to having this meal, as it is very time and energy consuming; here’s where the fufu Machine comes in!

With a fufu machine you can now make your favorite fufu easily and effortlessly.

The fufu machine is a special machine that makes your Fufu in just a few minutes.

All you need to do is boil the cassava, plantain or yam until its cooked and then leave it to cool for a while.

Then plug your machine into the socket and pour the now cool ingredients (plantain, cassava or yam) into the machine bowl or container and turn the socket on.

And watch as it blends your ingredients into a smooth thick paste in a few minutes.

Scoop the paste out in small or large portions depending on your appetite in fufu bowls and enjoy!

You can now enjoy your fufu with no stress.

Price of fufu machines in Ghana.

Note that, you can either buy a commercial or portable home used fufu machine, depending on what best suits you.

Price list of fufu Machines 2020

Machine name Price
Simple fufu machine for the home GHS 350.00
Chop bar / restaurant fufu machine GHS 2,350.00
medium sized GHS 600.00
commercial fufu machine GHS 1,100.00

You can get to buy these online at

  • Tonaton
  • KiKuu
  • Jumia

Or Visit any Melcom shop to buy a small home used one.

Get one of these machines for yourself and family and drive away the stress of pounding fufu.

Stress-free fufu?! Who would’ve thought!


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Post update on July 3, 2021