Phone is an electronic telecommunications device, often referred to as a cellular phone or cellphone. Mobile phones connect to a wireless communications network telephone with access to a cellular radio system so it can be used over a wide area, without a physical connection to a network.

Do you need a mobile phone for your business or personal use? Are you worried about the way to go about getting the phone of your choice? Worry no more. we will be talking about how to buy a phone and pay in installment in this article. Do you need to connect with friends and loved ones via all social media but you don’t have a smartphone. this is where payment in installment comes in. 

There are many ways to buy a phone and pay in installment in Ghana but let take a few of them below. You can access these services through this medium.

  1. Vodafone pay small small
  2. Credit Hub Ghana

let elaborate on the Vodafone pay small small

This service was introduced by Vodafone Ghana which allows Vodafone cash subscribers to buy products from registered partners by paying in installments. The following product can also be purchased using this same medium.

1. Home appliances

2.  laptops


You pay for the phone of your choice from Vodafone’s cash partner and choose your payment method. 3,6,9 or 12 months equal monthly installment as decided by the Vodafone partner. Note once you choose a tenor it can’t be changed. If you subscribe on maybe 25th December and you are been deducted from your Vodafone cash account you are expected to have enough money in your account to do the deduction on the following month which will be 25th January. 

Your choice will be reserved for you. after completing the payment you are eligible to go pick it. On the last day you complete your payment based on your agreed payment plan, a pick-up code will be sent by Vodafone cash to you. you then present a valid national ID card with the code sent to you to pick your item. If you choose to cancel the subscription 10% of the amount you’ve paid will be deducted and the rest of the 90% will be sent to your Vodafone cash account within five working days.


  1. Dial *110#
  2. choose option 4 (make payment)
  3. select option 6 (pay small small)
  4. choose option 1 to subscribe, 2 to check subscript of payoff, and 3 to cancel your subscription
  5. Enter the Pay Small Small Code of the item from the vendor shop
  6. Choose the period you wish to use to pay for the full amount (3 months, 6 months,9 months, or 12 months)
  7. A brief of the product will be given with the agreed monthly installment fee, press 1 to confirm
  8. Press 1 to pay your first monthly charge
  9. Enter your Vodafone Cash pin to confirm payment
  10. Once you’ve successfully subscribed the payment installment plan chosen will be deducted from your Vodafone cash.


  • Electroland
  • iPlace
  • Novotech
  • Sunseekers Tours
  • Appliance Republic

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