Geomatic Engineering is a Field That Aims at Developing And Using Different Spatial Techniques Based on The Latest Technologies.

Its Contribution to Humankind Cannot be Underestimated, as it has Helped People to Better Understand, Organize, Monitor, And Manage Their Habitat Through Careful Scrutiny.

The Applications of Geomatic Engineering Are Very Broad And May Include Areas Such as Defense, Planning, And Property. 

Geomatic Engineering Blends The Knowledge Of Science And Engineering With Information Technologies to Solve Complex, Real-world Problems.

Geomatics Engineering is a Field That Deals With The Surveying of the Whole or Part of The Earth by Applying Various Techniques.

Such Surveys May Employ The Use of Satellite Positioning, Processing of Satellite Images, And Many Other Techniques.

Geomatics Engineering Also Means a Department in Engineering That Handles All Forms of Position-dependent Measurement, Calculation, Analysis, And Visualization Studies.

Upon The Completion and Qualification from of a Geomantic Course, Some of The Careers One Can Take up Include:

1. Construction surveyor
2. Boundary surveyor
3. Hydrographic surveyor
4. GIS analyst
5. Geodesist

Places you can work:
1. Golden Star Resources Limited
2. Chirano Gold Mine Limited
3. Ghana Civil Aviation Authority
4. STPA Tropical
5. Newmont Ghana Gold Limited
6. Walulel Limited
7. Local Government service
8. Seaweld Engineering Limited
9. Ghana Civil Aviation Authority

Now, Most importantly, How much Geomantic Engineers Are Paid:

Their Salaries Could Vary Depending on Many Things Such as Experience, The Hiring Manager, Location, And The Nature of The Project.

In Ghana, Geomatics Engineers Take Home Salaries Are Very Competitive.

After my Careful Investigations, I Found Out Geomatic Engineers are paid not less than GHc 1500 per month in Ghana.

And That, Their Salaries Could Range From 1500-5000 Monthly.

Geomatic Engineers Must Always Work Towards Two Goals.

1. Problem-solving
2. Developing New Ways of Doing Things.

Geomatic Engineering is Broad. As an Expert in Geomatic Engineering, You Could be Working in Land Development, Communications, Utilities, or Even in Government With Roles Related to Spatial Considerations.

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Post update on October 19, 2020