In this post, I am going to list all the DSTV packages in Ghana and their respective prices.

DSTV has structured its packages to suit everyone’s pocket and interest.

No matter your economic status, you will get a DSTV package that you can subscribe to.

Whether you love sports, entertainment or you’re a cartoon addict, you’ll get a package to suit your needs.

Before we look at the packages DSTV Ghana has to offer us, let us know the prices of their decoders and where to purchase.

DSTV Decoder Prices.

View the DST Ghana Decoder prices HERE.

DStv has six (6) main Packages and three (3) Add-on Packages in Ghana. They are:

  1. Premium
  2. Compact Plus
  3. Compact
  4. Family
  5. Access
  6. Great Wall (Addon package)
  7. Indian (Addon Package)
  8. French Touch (Addon Package)
  9. French Plus (Addon Package)

 DSTV Ghana Packages.

Now let us see the channels and prices of each of the packages above.

  • DStv Premium

Price = GHS 340

About the Premium Package.

This is the ultimate among the DStv packages.

With more than one hundred channels, you’ll have all the latest in sports, movies, top notch documentaries and of course what the kids love, cartoons.

There are 14 sports channels to choose from.

This offers a great deal for sports lovers as you’ll be able to enjoy all kinds of sports (basketball, soccer, American football, wrestling, rugby, etc) on this package.

DSTv Premium Channels.

1.     Discovery TLC entertainment Entertainment
2.     Discovery IDx Documentary
3.     BBC Newtwork News
4.     Food Network Food
5.     Spice TV
6.     Cartoon Network Kids entertainment
7.     Boomerang
8.     Disney Channel Kids Entertainment
9.     Disney XD Kids Entertainment
10.Nickelodeon Kids Entertainment
11.Disney Junior Kids Entertainment
16.NickTOONS Cartoons
17.TRACE Mziki Music And Entertainment
18.Hip TV
19.TRACE Naija Music
20.AFRO Music English Music
21.Sound City Music
22.Fiesta TV
23.Planet Radio TV
24.Bloomberg Television Business
26.Joy News News
27.EuroNews German News
28.eTV Africa
29.People’s Weather Weather
30.BBC World News News
31.CNN International News
32.Sky News News
33.SABC News News
34.Al Jazeera News
35.CNC World News
36.CNBC Africa News
37.Discovery Channel (SD/HD) Wildlife and More
38.Discovery Family
39.Crime Investigation Network
40.National Geographic Chnnael Wildlife and more
41.Nat Geo Wild Wildlife and More
42.The History Channel
43.CGTN Documentary Documentary
44.CGTN Documentary Documentary
45.M-Net West (HD/SD) Movies
46.1Magic Movies
47.M-Net Action Movies
48.Iroko Music Movies
49.M-Net Action
50.M-Net Movies All Starts
51.Studio Universal
52.M-Net City
53.Vuzu (SD/HD)
54.Univeral Channel (SD/HD)
56.BBC Brit
57.Comedy Central
58.ITV Choice (SD/HD)
59.E! Entertainment Television
60.FOX Life
61.Sony Entertainment Television
62.Soney Max
63.Lifetime Entertainment Entertainment
64.CBS Reality
65.BET2 Entertainment
66.Tuner Classic Movies
67.M-Net Movies Zone Movies
69.Eva +
70.AfricaMagic Showcase Movies
71.AfricaMagic Epic Movies Movies
72.AfricaMagic Urban Movies
73.AfricaMagic Family Movies
74.AfricaMagic Hausa Movies
75.AfricaMagic Yoruba Movies
76.Maisha Magic East
77.AfricaMagic Igbo Movies
78.Maisha Magic Bongo
79.Maisha Magic
80.Ebony Life TV
81.Zee World
83.Iroko Plus
86.B4U Movies
87.RAI International
88.TV5 Monde Afrique
89.Deutsche Welle
90.CCTV 4
91.CGTN Français
92.CCTV Entertainment
93.China Movie Channel
94.Shanghai Dragon TV
95.Hunan TV
96.Jiantsu Television
97.Phoenix News and Entertainment
98.RTP Internacional
99.SuperSport Blitz
100.                    SuperSport 3 (HD/SD)
101.                    SuperSport 4 (HD/SD)
102.                    SuperSport 5 (HD/SD)
103.                    SuperSport 6
104.                    SuperSport 7
105.                    SuperSport 8
106.                    SuperSport 9
107.                    SuperSport 10
108.                    Faith Broadcast Network
109. TBN
110.                    DayStar
111.                    IQRAA
112.                    Islam Channel
113.                    Eternal Word Television Network
114.                    Emmanuel TV
115.                    Dove TV
116.                    TV Mundial
117.                    DMX – Adult Contemporary
118.                    DMX – Today’s Hits
119.                    DMX – Y2K Hits
120.                    DMX – Contemporary Instrumentals
121.                    DMX – 70’s Hits
122.                    DMX – 80’s Hits
123.                    DMX – Familiar Favourites
124.                    DMX – Soft Hits
125.                    DMX – Love Songs
126.                    DMX – Metro Blends
127.                    DMX – Cityscapes
128.                    DMX – Groove Lounge
129.                    DMX – House Party
130.                    DMX – Power Hits
131.                    DMX – Dance
132.                    DMX -Trots Afrikaans
133.                    DMX – Campus Rock
134.                    DMX – Alternative
135.                    DMX – Hard Rock
136.                    DMX – Classic Rock
137.                    DMX – Golden Oldies
138.                    DMX – 90’s Hits
139.                    DMX – Classic R&B
140.                    DMX – Urban Adult Contemporary
141.                    DMX – Urban Beat
142.                    DMX – Reggae
143.                    DMX – Modern Country
144.            DMX – Traditional Country
145.                    DMX – Gospel
146.                    DMX – African Rhythms
147.                    DMX – Italian Contemporary
148.                    DMX – Smooth Jazz
149.                    DMX – Classic Jazz
150.                    DMX – Blues
151.                    DMX – Beautiful Instrumentals
152.                    DMX – Light Classical
153.                    DMX – Arias and Overtures
154.                    DMX – Chamber Music
155.                    BBC World Service English
156.                    BBC World Radio 2
157.                    BBC African Languages
158.                    Voice of America
159.                    World Radio Network
160.                    Channel Islam Internationale
161.                    Radio France Internationale
162.                    TransAfrica Radio
163.                    Joy Prime
164.                       Fiesta GH
165.                    Adom TV
166.                   eTV Africa
167.                    NTA I
168.                    Silverbird
169.                    Channels
170.                    MiTV
171.                    K24
172.                    Metro TV
173.                    GTV
174.                    TV3

  • DStv Compact Plus


This is the second package with the highest price.

This is enough to get you the best entertainment deal at a subsidized cost.

You have only 9 sports channels to enjoy in this package while you are entitled to 14 sports channels in the premium package.

It comes with great value.

Get yourself a DStv decoder and purchase subscribe to this package.

DSTv Compact Plus Channels.

eTV Africa
METRO (Ghanian FTA)
Adom TV
Joy Prime


And many more

  • DStv Compact

PRICE = GHS 135 140

The DStv Compact is the third on the DStv Ghana Package list.

It also comes with great value plus you can switch between a variety of programmes.

You’re entitled to 65 channels across the world.

See the full list of channels on this package below.

DSTv Compact Channels.

  • National Geographic Wild
  • Ignition TV
  • FAshion one TV
  • BBC Lifestyle
  • Spice
  • Via
  • Trave
  • Food Network
  • supersports 10
  • super sports 3
  • super sports
  • Cartoon Network
  • Disney channel Trace
  • Trace Africa
  • Trace Naija

And many more.

  • DStv Family

PRICE = 75

This is a budget-friendly package for the family.

It has all what the family needs plus comes at a lower cost than the previous packages.

With the DStv Family Package, you have access to 139 channels across the world.

This brings joy and non-ending thrills in the family.

Don’t nurture a boring family, get yourself a decoder and subscribe to this package.

dstv family channels

DSTV Family Channel List.

The Family Package has the following channels.

  • Fox 125
  • African Magic
  • Telemundo
  • Fox Life
  • discovery family
  • zee world
  • b4u movies
  • movies zone
  • movies action
  • national geographic
  • and many more.

  • Great Wall Africa Bouquet Package


The Great Wall Bouquet package has more of Chinese content as compared to the other packages.

The content ranges from entertainment to documentary, news, lifestyle amongst others.

The great wall package has 12 channels. View list of channels below

People’s Weather Weather Forecasting
CNC World
CGTN Documentary Documentary
CGTN Français
CCTV Entertainment Entertainment
China Movie Channel Movies
Shanghai Dragon TV
Hunan TV
Jiantsu Television
Phoenix News and



  • DStv Access

The last but not least is the DStv Access package.

This DStv Package is the one that ushers you into the DStv family.

It gives you access to DStv’s great content at the minimum rate.

This is budget friendly and comes with great value too.


Apart from the main DStv packages, they also offer add-on packages that can be added up.

View the add-on prices and details below.


DStv French Plus

Price = GHS 175 180

It has about 90% of French content. It comes with 15 channels in French TV programming.

This package can be added to the Premium, Compact + and Compact packages.

Want to improve your French? Subscribe to this awesome package.


DStv Indian

PRICE = 130 135

It offers a comprehensive selection of Indian entertainment to suit your preference. Are you a telenovela lover?

This package is great for you.

DStv French Touch

This is the last we’re writing about. It costs GHC 28 33 to get this add-on.

For more info, visit the DStv official website or visit their office. Thank you.

You can also call our team for assistance. Thank you


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