Computers don’t only connect us to the internet; they store vast amounts of information and reduce waste.

Connecting a computer to the internet, unlocks its full potential.

Computers also help sort, organize and search through information; the computer sorts your files into categories and alphabetizes them and then helps you to find whatever you’re looking for in minutes.

Amongst other benefits of computers, we can also mention that they help us automate and monitor our daily activities and production lines in factories, they help us to save time in doing a lot of things, computers also assist us with learning and keep us informed.

Over the years the craze for computers has increased and more and more people yearn to have access to computers, everything that has to do with them and the promising future they come with.

With this, many computer companies have spurred up in the quest to satisfy customer needs when it comes to IT.

A computer company is any entity involved in the computer industry. These include software and hardware manufacturers and retailers, PC repair and service companies, software developers and designers, computer training firms, computer consultants, computer networking businesses and many more.

The world has many large and influential computer companies like Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and IBM amongst others.

These computers have shaped the world as we know it and will continue to do so for many years to come; the only change now is that, a lot of companies are springing up, tightening the IT market and increasing competition. Good news for consumers!

In Ghana, the market and demand for computers is expanding every passing minute.

More students need computers, more firms need the services of a software engineer or a programmer and factories need repairs for their robot computers.

Computers are the future, and it is very much so in Ghana as well. One of these days, you may need the services of a computer expert and his or her company.

Ghana has about 537 computer companies. So worry not!

List of Computer Companies in Ghana

Here is a list of some of the top IT companies in Ghana.

  1. Logical Ghana

Contact: 0302742928. Address: Coco Vanilla, east legon, trassaco road, Ghana.

  1. Soronko Solutions

Contact: 0574541522. Address: House No7 Link Road, East legon.  Email: [email protected]

  1. Techno Solutions Limited

Contact: 0272604994. Email: [email protected] Address: Spintex Road, Accra Ghana

  1. Smart Developers

Contact: 0244888835. Address: 47Nungua Link Road, Baatsona Spintex Road Accra, Ghana

  1. 1i Tech

Contact: 0266000993. Address: PMB 576 AR- Accra, Ghana

  1. Apps Consult

Contact: 0244299170. Address: North Kaneshie, Accra, Ghana

  1. Talent Box Information and Security Systems

Contact: 0206666448. Address: Hesse Crescent, Accra, Accra

  1. GoHi digital

Contact: 0509367865. Address: Accra, Ghana. Fax: 0509367865

  1. Orange Luks Concepts

Contact: 0546318002. Address: P.O. Box OD 307 Odorkor- Accra, Ghana

  1. JimahTech Limited

Contact: 05489951618. Address: No. 403 Kwabena Darko Avenue, Ahodwo, Kumasi, Ghana

  1. Paxi Systems

Contact: 0242057525. Address: Box 1608 Kaneshie, Accra.

So, there you have it. Some top computer companies in Ghana. Contact them, and your life will never be the same again!


  • Francis Amoah Nuako

    Francis Amoah Nuako, professionally known as PC Boss, is a Ghanaian blogger and SEO expert. He is the founder of PC Boss Online, a tech blog that publishes technology-related articles primarily for Ghanaian audiences. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSc Nursing) and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSc Information Technology) from the University of Health and Allied Sciences and Ghana Communication Technology University, respectively.

Post update on January 27, 2022