With the autumn leaves falling down, it is easy to say that the holiday season is upon us in less than a few days. According to the stats, 40% of the people try to make sure that they have the gifts ready before Halloween. If you are a business, it is easy to say that the time of sales, revenues, and profits is upon you.

In this season of ultimate shopping, as a business, you need to level up your Instagram game to capture the user’s attention to the fullest. It is no doubt that the target audience will always love the touch of personalization in your products.

So, if you want to make sure that you are increasing the sales revenues to the best, we have got some Instagram sales tips for businesses. So, have a look!

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User Deals & Offers

Even if you don’t believe in the stereotypes, the offers and deals are something that is always going to work, no matter what. This tactic is often named FOMO, and according to the reports, businesses on Instagram have earned the maximum number of sales.

This is because customers are always looking for the discounts. In addition, if you add the limited time offers, customers will be quicker in buying generating revenues for you.

However, to attain the right results, businesses need to design the limited time offers robustly. You can implement marketing through social media platforms because people are more online on such platforms.

Seasonal Scale

Every customer is searching for the deal and discounts in the holiday season, and if the sales are added to the businesses, they often lead to prompt buys. This is a great opportunity for businesses to capture. On the other hand, the number of mobile users and Instagram users are increasing at an exponential rate.

Whenever people are free, they open the Instagram app and look for the sales in the holiday season. As a business, you need to capture their attention with the best deals possible.

To design the sales campaign, people can use the monitoring and analysis tools of Instagram that will provide valuable information about the customer patterns and expectations.

On the other hand, you can also check the reviews to see how people think about your business and what they will need from the sale. Last but not the least, whenever you design the seasonal sales, use the product tags and shopping list to make everything easily accessible for the target audience.

Share The Gift Ideas

There are always some people who forget to buy gifts at the right time, and when the time comes, they panic. As a business, their panic is an opportunity for you as you can pitch your offerings at the right time.

You can create the posts that sound like “if you forgot to shop before, and stores are out of stock, come to us as we have everything you need to gift.” This will attract customers in an absolute manner.

Moreover, you can also give suggestions about gifts. For instance, you can make categories such as gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for the kids, gifts for the parents, etc.


Who doesn’t like free stuff? Everyone does! So, you need to design the giveaway or contest, which will force the people to take part. For instance, you can host a giveaway, and in the rules, you can ask them to shop for something, and they will get something for free in return.

All in all, it’s an excellent idea for increasing sales as well as user engagement.

Free Wrapping & Shipping

People are shopping for holiday gifts. So, you can offer complimentary packing and wrapping of the gifts and deliver them all-ready to their doorstep.

In addition to the free wrapping, offer free shipping for the gifts, but don’t reduce your profit margins! (As a business, you will know how to allure the customers into the sales while being a loyal service)

Emotional Appeal

The holiday season brings in joy, happiness, and blessings, and if you are good at words, appeals your user base with the words. You can add an element of emotions in the post so that the people feel relatable to you. This often creates a bond with the businesses and lead to higher sales numbers.

Short-lived Content

This only means using the stories as they will vanish after 24 hours. The stories have a limited lifespan, which makes them urgent. This makes the users think that they might sip the sale and try their best to make the most out of the sale. So, choose the stories and make them interactive and captivate!


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