Student Loan Trust Fund. How To Apply and Get GHS 3000

SLTF Application Process. Apply and Get Paid Instantly.

Do you need a loan to support your tertiary education? This article will help you with your application for the Student loan Trust Fund (SLFT).

The requirements, how to apply and the entire application process have been simplified in this post. Read on.

About the Student Loan Trust Fund.

The SLTF gives loans to Ghanaian Tertiary Students who are offering accredited programs in accredited tertiary institution in Ghana.

This means you don’t only need to be a University student to be eligible, students in Technical Universities, Nursing training colleges and other tertiary institutions are eligible for the student loan.

The loan is given to support tertiary students who are incapable of fully financing themselves. It can be used to pay school fees and buy academic materials for smooth stay on campus.

If you’re interested in finding out about the student loan trust fund requirements, interest rate, disbursement in 2019, application forms and all latest news, you’re at the right place.

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Who can apply for the Student’s Loan Fund?

To be able to qualify for the student loan in Ghana applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria.

Applicant must:

  • Be a Ghanaian schooling in Ghana
  • Be in need
  • Attend a tertiary institution fully accredited by the NAB (National Accreditation Board)
  • Be offering programmes accredited by NAB

Apart from the personal requirements, you should get a guarantor to fully guarantee your loan application.


Who can be a guarantor?

The guarantor must come from either of the following groups of people.

  • SSNIT Contributor Guarantor
    • Must be a Ghanaian
    • Must be an active contributor to the SSNIT pension scheme
    • Must have contributed for at least 36 months or 3 years
    • Must be younger than 53 years old.
    • Must not have guaranteed for more than one person. However, parents can guarantee for all their children.
  • Religious Body
    • Must be a member of a recognized, national religious body.
  • Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies.
    • The resolution should indicate 2 authorized signatories.
    • Signatories must include the Chief Executive.
  • Corporate Bodies.
    • The company must be an active member of Ghana club 100.
    • There must be a board resolution authorizing the guarantee.
    • Two signatories from the senior members of the company are required.

After qualifying for the loan and getting a qualified guarantor, you should also know all the application requirements. See them below.

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What are the application requirements for the Student Loan Trust Fund?

For a smooth and successful loan application an applicant needs all of these requirements.

  • Contact details of both applicant and guarantor.
  • A working E-zwich account linked to your Bank account. E-zwich account should be at the same bank with the bank account.
  • SSNIT number.
  • Must be registered student in his/her school.
  • Must have a guarantor who is willing to guarantee.
  • Two passport size photographs.


How to apply.

The main application process begins after getting all the requirements. Application for the students loan trust fund are in two modes: the online and paper application.

The Paper Application.

  • Download the official student loan form from the official SLTF website (
  • Fill all the necessary details.
  • Add two passport size photographs (Don’t staple)
  • Complete two sets of applications and submit it to representatives in your school in charge of that or to the SLTF Office for processing.

The Online Application.

The student loan application process used to be entirely manual until the advent of the online mode. See how to apply online below.

In three easy steps you can fully apply for the SLTF online. View steps below.

Isn’t that easy? I guess it is.

NB: You need to submit some required documents to facilate the online application procedure. Find details of the required documents @

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When will my loan be paid after applying in 2019?

After a successful application, your loan application will be reviewed. You’ll receive the loan once it is approved by the Student loan trust fund review committee.

Disbursement of loan commence two weeks after the application is approved. Check your E-zwich account statement to verify loan amount paid.


How to repay the loan.

student loan trust fund Ghana application

You’re required to pay the loan after successful competition of studies. The following methods can be used in repaying your student’s loan accumulated amount.

  • Deductions from beneficiary’s salary by his or her employer.
  • Direct payments to SLFT bank account using your Social Security Numbers.
  • Full and instant payment of total loan amount plus interest due.
  • You can send the money to someone to repay on your behalf if you’re overseas.

You can also repay your loan via Mobile Money. How to do that falls beyond the scope of this article.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

  1. What is the interest rate of the student loan?

The interest rate is set at 12%.


  1. How can I contact the SLTF Office?

You can send your enquiries to or call +233(0)3022318867


  1. Can I apply for two loans?

No, you can only apply for one loan during your undergraduate study.


  1. Can sandwich students apply for the loan.

The current policy states clearly that sandwich students can’t apply for the student loan.


  1. When can I apply for a loan?

Loan applications are opened at the beginning of each academic year. Contact your campus Local NUGS for more details.


  1. When can I start repaying my loan?

You can repay even whilst in school. You’re given a two years grace period after school to repay.


  1. What happens if I do not complete my programme of study for which I took the loan?

You must repay the entire amount disbursed to you within one year.


  1. Which banks are responsible for accepting loan repayments?

You can repay your student loan trust fund via Ecobank Ghana, GCB Bank and National Investment Bank.


  1. What is the SLTF Address?

Visit the national SLTF office at any time with the address below.

  1. 47, 3rd Crescent Street, Accra, Ghana.
  2. What’s the official website of the Student loan?

Watch video for further details.

Share this article to anyone who wants to apply for the student loan fund in Ghana. Thanks for reading and keep visiting us.

Student Loan Trust Fund. Apply And Get GHC 3000
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