Do you need financial assistance as a student in any Ghanaian University? Are you afraid to terminate your education due to financial struggle? Then this post is for you.

In this article I write exclusively on the details of the Student Loan Trust Fund, how to apply, disbursement dates, how to repay after school, interest rates and other related matter.

Without wasting much time let set the ball rolling.

The application process for the student is fast and straightforward. I have taken my time to break it down to everyone’s understanding.

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What is student loan trust fund?

The SLTF is a scheme instituted by the Government of Ghana to provide timely financial assistance to eligible Ghanaian Students.

You can get an amount ranging from a GHS 1,000 – GHS 4,000 to make full or half payment of school fees from Student loan.

You can use the loan for school fees, cost of boarding, lodging, books, equipment, etc.

How to apply for SLTF.

To apply for the student loan in Ghana you need to have certain things in place and there are some other requirements you need to meet. See them below.

student loan fund

To be able to access the loan the following must be considered.

  1. Your school must be an accredited tertiary institution.
  2. Programme being offered must also be accredited by the National Accreditation Board.
  3. Must be a Ghanaian living and schooling in Ghana
  4. Must show proof of being in need.

Other application requirements.

Prospective applicants must provide

  • Telephone number of both the applicant and guarantor
  • An E-zwich account that should be linked to your Bank account in the same bank
  • Social Security Number
  • Should be a registered student of his / her institution
  • Two passport size photographs

Guarantor requirements.

To be able to successfully complete the loan application, you must get a qualified guarantor to guarantee your application. Not anyone can be a guarantor for the student loan trust fund.

See the requirements of a guarantor below.

You guarantor must be one of the following personalities.

  • Corporate Bodies.

For full information about the guarantor requirements click here 


Now that we have looked at the application requirements for SLTF, let us go straight to how to apply.

  • Pick a loan application form from you Local NUGS president in your school. You can get more information from your SRC President about the Student Loan Application Process
  • Fill in all your details and attach your passport size photographs
  • Submit the filled form to your Local NUGS President or to any Student Loan Trust Fund office near you.


How to get a bigger loan amount.

To get a bigger loan kindly note the following.

  • Provide valid information
  • Let them know you are indeed in need.
  • Be honest with your response.

You can call me using my contact info beneath this post for a quick conversation. Thank you.

Loan Payment / Disbursement Date.

After applying it doesn’t end there. The question is when will the loan be paid? An internal body at the offices of the Student Loan will go through each application for a period of time (say 2 weeks).

Once your application passes the evaluation phase, your loan will be sent to your bank which your E-zwich card is linked to.

It usually takes a period of 2 weeks to 3 weeks to get feedback.

For more information about student loan disbursement kindly call 050-1402577

How to repay student loan in Ghana.

After successful completion of studies, you are required to repay your student loan over a period of time or onetime. However, you are given a one-year grace period after your national service.

Loan can be paid using the following modes of payments

  • Periodic deductions from beneficiary’s salary by his or her employer
  • Direct periodic payments at a designated bank
  • Full one time payment of total loan amount plus due interest.


Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the student loan interest rate?


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