The gaming industry has found a probably permanent way to keep young men and women with unlimited wants satisfied.

And has also managed to curb the boredom, loneliness and the thirst for thrill that has characterized the 21st century.

Many things, together with technology have sprung up to keep mankind happy and productive but none have quite done what the play station has been able to achieve with keeping millions of people entertained.

Let’s look into what the Play Station is all about.

Play station, abbreviated as PS is an eighth generation home video game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment in the US.

The Play Station is famous amongst people of all ages, from boys, to teenagers to full grown gentlemen.

The Play Station is a much demanded item in almost every household, organistion and play center in the world.

Amongst all of Sony entertainment’s series, the Play Station Four is its most demanded release. More so in Ghana.

Upon its release, the PS4 was sold at a starting price of US$ 399.99.

Today, after many years, it is worth much less.

Large portions of Ghana’s population are fans of the play station series.

Many people who have the luxury of affording one, have it installed in their homes.

Now let’s look at how much it’ll cost you to secure a PS4 in any electronics store in Accra Mall in Ghana.

The price of PS4 in shopping centers in Ghana varies.

For instance, price of PS4 in Accra mall is different from the price in other shopping centers and stores.

The value of the PS4 differs across the country.

However, the price of the PS4, found in Accra Mall is the best; a deal that is definitely worth your money and time.

Accra Mall is a shopping center where you will find everything you need; from food, clothes, accessories all the way to gadgets and electronics.

They provide the best customer service and response to all your needs and enquiries.

How much it will cost you.

The price of a brand new PS4 in Accra Mall will cost you GHC 2500 Ghana cedis.

A PS4 bought in Accra Mall makes you feel safe and you are assured of a machine secured in the most legitimate way.


That way, you have no troubles setting it up or worrying about it breaking.

The price of PS4 in Accra Mall is one of the best in the West African region.

If you find yourself anywhere outside of Ghana, you should make your way to Accra Mall to secure a PS4 for yourself and your family at the most unbeatable price in town.

In conclusion, amongst other game consoles like the Xbox One and Switch, the PS4, stands out and poses the most competition.

It is durable and can be carried from place to place with ease.

It also has some of the best memory and storage capacities in the market; the display and graphics on the PS4 are to die for.

The PS4 hardware is made up of its controllers, its camera and its play station VR.

With all this, who wouldn’t want a Play Station in their home?

No one! Absolutely no one!

Accra Mall is open every day of the week from 8am to 9pm.

Contact them on 030 254 1477 for all your enquiries.

Or find out more at



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Post update on October 19, 2020