Bolgatanga Girl’s SHS makes it to the one-eighth stage of the NSMQ 2019  competition.

The first Contest  between Bolgatanga Girl’s SHS, Lawra SHS and Ashaiman SHS was held at the ‘N’ block at the University of Ghana, Legon Campus.

Bolgatanga Girls’ managed to devour Lawra SHS and Ashaiman SHS to secure its seat in the one-eighth stage.

Round 1 results (#nsmq 2019)

At the end of round 1, Bolgatanga Girls’ SHS had 6 points, Lawra SHS and Ashaiman SHS had 4 points.

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Bolgatanga girls topped the scoreboard at the end of the round 1. View the results of the round 2 below.

nsmq 2019 quiz

Round 2.

Round 2 was very interesting. Ashaiman SHS fought a good fight and gained 9 points, Bolgatanga Girls’ SHS had 4 points and Lawra SHS scoring the lowest in this round, 1 point.

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Round 3

This round comes with a nice package for any school that earns a perfect score of ten. The Prudential Life NSMQ gives a cool GHC 500 to the school that gains a perfect score in this stage.

This round is for the “Problem of the day” challenge. All three schools had 0 points in this round.

Round 4.

Now the game is between Bolgatanga Girls’ and Ashaiman SHS, it’s anyone’s game. Let’s see what happens in the last round.

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At the end of round 4

Bolgatanga Girls’ SHS: 18PTS

Ashaiman SHS: 17PTS

Lawra SHS: 8PTS

At the end of the contest Bolgatanga Girl’s SHS had 24 points, Ashaiman had 20 points and Lawra SHS had 8 points.

Bolgatanga Girls’ has successfully made it to the one-eight stage of the contest. Keep visiting us for latest updates on nsmq 2019.

NSMQ 2019: Bolgatanga Girls' SHS Devours Ashaiman SHS....

Well done and congrats to them.