We bring you the prices of kenwood blenders in Ghana.

A Rice Cooker, also Known in Some Parts of The World as a Rice Steamer is an Electric And Automated kitchen Appliance That is Designed to Boil or Steam rice to The Softness That You Desire.

  • It Consists of a Heat Source, a Cooking Bowl, And a Thermostat.
  • The Thermostat Measures The Temperature of The Cooking Bowl And Controls The Heat.
  • Some Rice Cookers May Have Sensors And Other Components, And May be Multipurpose.
  • For Instance, in Ghana, Many People Use Rice Cookers For Other Meals Like Boiled Yam And Soups.
  • Rice cooker brands include Hisence, Midea, Phillips, Binatone and Kenwood amongst others.
  • In This Article, We talk about Kenwood Rice Cookers, Thier features and Prices.
  • Kenwood Rice Cookers Are Strong, Durable, Portable and Attractive.
  • Very Affordable Too, For All Pocket Sizes 😁.
  • Find Below The Prices of Some Top Kenwood Rice Cookers.
Kenwood Rice Cooker Model And Features Price
Kenwood Rice Cooker RC 140 1.8liters
Black and White. Capacity 1.8l. 10 cups capacity rice bowl. Steaming Tray For Vegetables + Glass Lid 2
GHC 280
Kenwood Rice Cooker RCM680. 2.5 litre Capacity Bowl, Cooks12 Cups of Rice.
Ash White And Black Coloured
GHC 500
Kenwood Rice cooker.
2.2litres Capacity. Comes With a Glass Cover.
GHC 170
Kenwood Rice Cooker 2.8L Capacity RCM69.A0WHC. ComesWith Steam Basket GHC 299
Capacity: 1.8L
With Steam Basket, Detachable Cord.
GHC 219
CFXB50-A Kenwood International Rice Cooker GHC 150
KENWOOD RCM280WH Rice Cooker With 2.2L Capacity. GHC 210
Kenwood International Germany Rice Cooker
GHC 230
Kenwood Rice Cooker RCM280 2L Capacity With Steam Basket GHC 150
Kenwood International Rice Cooker For Family. 2.2L Capacity With Steam Basket GHC 200
  • Please Do Well to Buy a Rice Cooker For Yourself, Family And Loved Ones.
  • Make Life Easier And More Enjoyable by Just Getting One of These Authentic Kenwood Rice Cookers.
  • Whatever You Cook, Make Sure to Make it With Love With a Kenwood Rice Cooker!


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