Kantanka Cars and Prices in 2019. Cheap or Expensive?

Kantanka Cars and Prices in 2019. Cheap or Expensive?

Kantanka cars are gradually gaining grounds in the Ghanaian and African automobile industry. As a Ghanaian, you also need to be abreast with the latest models of their cars and prices.

This article covers all you need to know about Kantanka vehicles and their prices. Read on.

About Kantanka Automobiles (Brief).

Kantanka automobiles is a Ghanaian based car manufacturing and assembling company.  It started its operations in 1994 and was incorporated as a limited liability company in 2004.

The company manufactures vehicles with 75% of its components made locally to meet the challenging nature of the Ghanaian and African territory.

Kantanka Cars and Their Prices.

Currently, the automobile company can boast of six model of cars which includes saloon cars, pick ups and luxurious 4X4 cars. The least price you can purchase a Kantanka car is about GHC 80,000.

Take a look at the list of their cars below.

Kantanka Onantefo SUV 4X4

The Kantanka Onantefo SUV 4X4 is a luxurious four wheel drive vehicle modeled after the Toyota Land cruiser. Onantefo is an Akan word which literally means “someone who can really walk”. It’s first version was done in 2006.

kantanka car interior

Photo credit: Kantankaautomobiles.com

The vehicle has a comforting and relaxing interior, effective climate control systems, economical fuel consumption. It also comes with leather seats, remote control lock, air conditioner and a reverse camera. View the complete description of this car below.

Year – 2017

Make – Kantanka

Model – Onantefo

Condition – New

Mileage – 3

Fuel type – Gasoline

Body color – White

Cost of car = GHC 170,000

Note: Tax and registration are included in the price.

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For more information about this car click here –> Kantana Onantefo

Kantanka SUV side view

Side view of Kantanka Onantefo SUV 4X4. Picture credit -> Kantankaautomobiles.com



photocredit: kantankaautomobile.com

Kantanka Mensah.

The Kantanka Mensah is the first Saloon car manufactured by the company. It has a 2.3cc engine capacity and built with an efficient fuel consumption system.

The Mensah features a nicely design interior which can be customized based on the client needs. For more information about this model visit the link below.

Kantanka Mensah Full Specs, price and where to buy.

Price of Mensah: GHS 130,000 (Tax and vehicle registration inclusive)

View pictures of this amazing car below.

Kantanka Onantefo SUV 4X4

Cost of Onantefo = GHS

How to buy your first Kantanka Vehicle.

To purchase yourself this Ghanaian made care you should first have in mind the model you prefer, your budget and then proceed to any of their showrooms.

Visit any of their showrooms to make a choice. If you’re in Accra you can check Kantanka’s latest showroom at Achimota.


Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the Cheapest Kantanka Car?

The cheapest among the Kantanka fleet is

Where is Kantanka Showroom?

You can locate their newly opened showroom at Achimota. For more information and directions to the place call their customer care on (+233) 024 203 74 29

Can I buy a Kantanka car and pay in installments?

Yes, Kantanka Automobile company gives customers the opportunity to pay half of the actual price of a car and spread the remaining half over 12 months.

Useful Information.

Car registration and taxes are included in the price of any of Kantanka cars.

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