Transferring money from MTN Mobile Money to Ecobank Account is easy. It saves a lot of minutes than spending money from home to the bank and sometimes joining a long queue. From the comfort of your home, you can directly deposit money from your MTN Mobile Money to the bank within minutes. Today, most banks have enabled mobile banking services. You can always check from your bank if that option is available.

Before we go to how to do it, let’s check some of the benefits of Mobile Money and Ecobank linkage.

Benefits of Joining Your MTN Mobile Money Account To Your Bank

  • Deposit and withdraw money
  • Send money to friends and family for them to redeem
  • Receive money
  • Purchase airtime
  • Pay for bills, goods, and services
  • Check your account balance
  • Agents and small businesses can make collections electronically

However, you need some discipline otherwise you will spend all your money on airtime and bundle. So you should always budget how much to use and always buy in bulk.

How to Transfer Money from MTN Mobile Money to Ecobank Account

First, make sure you have your bank account linked to your Momo. It’s very simple. Just follow the steps below

1. Dial *170#

2. Enter 5 for financial services

3. Enter 1 for banking services

4. Enter 1 to transfer to your bank

5. Select your bank from the list

6. Press 1 to select your account

7. Enter the amount to transfer

8. Press 1 to confirm

9. Enter your four-digit pin code to approve the transaction.

Once you follow this method, you can easily do your transaction from MTN to Ecobank within minutes. If you encounter any problem, kindly dial 100 (toll-free) and speak to MTN agents for help.