Perhaps your mum or a family member or a loved one is in Nigeria and you are searching for the best alternative to send money to them from Ghana. You have searched for all the best ways and you are not well convinced. I welcome you to this tutorial. I will list all the best, safest and perfect ways to do it. Let’s go ahead.

Send Money Through ATL Money Transfer: ATL is a registered money transfer company serving as a middle man when sending money from Ghana to Nigeria. They have flexible rates and work with most of the popular banks in Nigeria.

How To Send Money To Nigeria From Ghana Through ATL

It’s quite simple. First, you need an account on the platform. To register, kindly click on the REGISTER bottom on their website. Your next step is to provide the recipient’s details; the name, address, and bank details. Your last step is to pay for the money. In paying, you can use your bank, your banking cards, or through another online bank: SOFORT. For every transaction on ATL, you will be charged 50 cedis. ATL also provides the option for you to track your transaction. The recipient will then receive the money the next day. For more info, kindly log in to ATL and read more.

Send Money Through WorldRemit: WorldRemit is a popular platform for money transfer. Your family abroad can also use this platform to send you money. However, to send money from Ghana to Nigeria, follow this simple step.

How To Send Money To Nigeria From Ghana Through WorldRemit

You have to have a registered account on WorldRemit. Registering is absolutely free. Once done, choose the amount you wish to send. Each amount and the rate charge. After putting in the amount, go ahead and provide the recipient’s details. You will need their names, address and also provide a mobile money account on which they can receive the money. Once paid, it will take 10 to 15 minutes for the recipient to get the money.

Send Money Through Western Union: Western Union is one of the popular money transfers which is available almost anywhere on the earth. Western Union has partnered with a lot of Banks both in cities and rural areas. To send money from Ghana to Nigeria, follow the steps below.

How To Send Money To Nigeria From Ghana Through Western Union

If you don’t have good internet reception, you can easily access the Western Union portal from any bank. You will need the recipient’s details which include their address, date of birth, a secret code you will give them, etc. They will also need an ID card to prove they are indeed the right person to take the money. You then provide the amount you wish to send the person. Today, you can also access the Western Union portal right on your phone. Just go to their website and do it yourself.

Send Money Through Cryptocurrency: You can also send money to your loved ones in Nigeria through Cryptocurrencies. The popular one is Bitcoin.

How To Send Money To Nigeria From Ghana Using CryptoCurrency

With cryptocurrency, you will need a popular app like Coinbase. You can create a free account and exchange your money for any form of cryptocurrency you want. Right there, you will need the wallet address of your recipient and within minutes, they can get the money anywhere.

Send Money Through Skrill, PayPal, etc: You can also send money through third-party money transfer companies like Skrill and PayPal. In Ghana, you can get a PayPal Account for your transaction.

How To Send Money To Nigeria From Ghana Using Skrill and PayPal

With PayPal and Skrill, you will need their email address registered on the account. You just choose the amount you wish to send and pay either with your mobile money account connected with it or a credit card. Seems more simple.

There are a number of ways you can send money to Nigeria from Ghana but I treated a few. However, these are the most secured. You should watch out for a lot of fraud websites around. Thanks for reading. Take care.