In this article, we will emphasize on how to pay DSTV with Vodafone Cash. The business picked the name Vodafone to “represent the provision of voice and data services over mobile phones,” which is VOice DAta FONE (the latter being a spectacular spelling of “phone”).

On November 3, 2004, the business revealed that its South African affiliate Vodacom has consented to bring foreign services from Vodafone as Vodafone live! and partner agreements, to its home market.
n November 2005, Vodafone disclosed that it was in exclusive negotiations to acquire a 15% share in VenFin in the Vodacom Group. The following day, an agreement was reached. Then, each Telkom and Vodafone owned 50% of Vodacom. After purchasing a 15% stake from Telkom, Vodafone currently owns 57.5% of Vodacom.

On October 9th, 2008, the business made Telkom an offer to buy an additional 15% of the Vodacom Group. On November 6, 2008, the agreement’s finalized terms were released. According to the agreement, Telkom would sell 15% of its 50% ownership in Vodacom to the group and demerge the remaining 35% to its shareholder. In the meantime, Vodafone has promised to continue to promote the Vodacom brand and make Vodacom its exclusive investment vehicle in sub-Saharan Africa.

July 3, 2008, Vodafone and Ghana Telecom reached a $900 million agreement to buy a 70% share in the latter. The transaction was finalized on August 17, 2008. On September 15, 2008, a consortium managed by the same company was awarded Qatar’s second fixed-line license.


Do you have a Dstv subscription? Here is another important DStv tutorial on how to pay for your Vodafone cash DStv subscription in Ghana.

Since practically all telecommunications networks in Ghana now let their customers use mobile money, paying for DStv is getting more and more flexible.

Due to the ability to make payments online, the product store has become quite practical.

One of the greatest and most ideal platforms for paying DStv subscriptions in Ghana is Vodafone Cash.

It delivers payments instantly and is quick.

The following are the main requirements for paying your DStv subscription via Vodafone cash in Ghana:

  • A registered Vodafone Sim card with mobile money account.
  • Enough or the exact amount of money available in your account to pay your DStv bills.
  • Your DStv decoder smart card or IUC number.
  • Mobile phone

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  1. Dial *110# on your Vodafone number.
  2. Reply with option “4” to make payments with Vodafone Cash.
  3. Choose “1” to pay your DStv bill.
  4. Again, reply with option “3” for utilities.
  5. Select option “3” for a DStv subscription.
  6. Enter your smart card or IUC number.
  7. Also, enter one (1) for the amount due or “2” to input the amount you want to pay.
  8. Reply with option “2” and continue the payment with your Vodafone Cash.
  9. Now, enter the amount you would want to pay for the DStv subscription.
  10. Press the send button.
  11. Finally, enter your Vodafone cash PIN to complete the payment.



Post update on March 9, 2024