If you need a loan to start a business in Ghana, then you are at the right place.

In this article, we are going to show you how to get a quick loan from Zidisha.

We at PC Boss Online, have tried the services of Zidisha and can confirm that they give loan to individuals in most African countries without any stressful application process.

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What is Zidisha?

Zidisha is an online loan service platform that allows people to lend substantial amounts of money to entrepreneurs in developing countries.

They currently offer loans to residents of Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia.

If you want to start a business or already running a one but earns a little income and wants to expand it, you can apply for a loan from Zidisha.

It basically links borrowers to lenders worldwide without local financial institutions interference.

Assuming you need a loan, say GHC 5,000 to start a business, when you log on to Zidisha’s platform you get paired with a financially sound person who is willing to lend you money.

The money is paid directly into your mobile money wallet (MTN Mobile Money or Vodafone Cash). It is as simple as that.

The loan application is entirely online and low-income entrepreneurs are entitled to apply for this loan.

Is Zidisha Genuine?

It is a 100% genuine online loan lending platform which is gaining popularity steadily.

I have personally tried their service and was given a good amount on my first application.

See the testimonies of other borrowers in the picture below.

zidisha loan

How much can I get from this loan service?

As a loan applicant, you can get as high as GHC 20,000.

However, you don’t get this amount during your first application.

You get to build trust when you borrow and repay on time.

With that, your loan amount increases with time.

Why everyone likes Zidisha?

Flexible repayment method.

You can choose your own repayment plan and adjust it whenever you need.

Your loan amount increases with each one-time repayment.

How to apply for the loan.

It is a simple process that needs to be followed in order to get a loan from Zidisha.

Application requirements.

  • smartphone or a computer with an internet connection.
  • A mobile phone number registered in your name
  • Your national Identification Card

To apply:

  1. Log on to zidisha.org
  2. Click on Apply Now. You will be redirected to the loan application page.
  3. You can apply using your Facebook profile or Telephone Number
  4. Enter your mobile phone number and click next
  5. Fill the application form with all the necessary details.

First name

Last name


Street and neighbourhood

Home location

And other information.

  1. Click next to proceed.
  2. Respond to all questions asked.
  3. Your loan application will be submitted for a quick review. If you qualify, the loan will be directly paid into your mobile money wallet.

Important information.

Questions answered.

Does Zidisha has a loan ussd code?

Loan, the loan application is entirely onine.


Is there a membership fee?

No, it is free to log on to their platform and apply for a loan.


What is the loan limit?

There is no exact loan limit. You loan amount increases when you repay any outstanding balance on time.

Contact Zidisha

Postal Address

Zidisha Inc.

21900 Muirfield Circle #104

Sterling, Virginia 20164




Official email: [email protected]

Official website: https://zidisha.org

Twitter profile: @zidishainc


Post update on March 30, 2023