Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), is an Institution, Mandated by Government to Oversee Tax Collection And Processing in Ghana.

This Body is With no Doubt The Backbone of Ghana’s Government And Development.

The Institution Provides The Necessary Funding to The Government to Allow it Run Smoothly on a Day to Day Basis.

This is Done by The Institution by Integrating All Internal Revenue Processes or Services, Services of Value Added Tax Into Local or Domestic Operations Through Functional Systems And Lines.

In Addition to This, it Fuses Customs And Domestic Taxes Into a Single Management Unit.

To Make its Roles More Efficient.

The GRA Constantly Reviews its Processes And Systems, Modernizing Them to Fit Into Current World conditions.

Amongst All These, The Ghana Revenue Authority is a Very Big Employer in Ghana.

Yearly, it Employs Hundreds of Individuals Into its Service.

By so Doing, it Conducts The Ghana Revenue Authority Aptitude Test, to Ensure That it Gets The Right Individuals to Perform Specific Roles.

Being Accepted to Work at The Ghana Revenue is The Dream of Many Young And Old Ghanaians.

It Will Bring About a Very Big Difference in How One lives.

However, The Hiring Process is Tedious And Carefully Done.

The GRA Hires Skilled Individuals, With a Minimum Level Of Education And Experience.

This is to Ensure That Everyone Hired is Effective When Deployed Into Their Mandate. 

The GRA is Divided Into Three Segments. These are:

1. Customs Division (CD)
2. Domestic Tax Revenue Division (DTRD)
3. Support Services Division (SSD)

Getting Employed For Any of These Roles of The GRAs Division, You Have to Pass Ghana Revenue Authority Aptitude Test.

This Test Help The Employer Know About Your Abilities in Relation to The Job in Question.

It is Possible to Think That These Questions are Challenging, But They Are Not.

However it is Very Important For You to Prepare Before Sitting For The Aptitude Test.

This Will Help You Gain The Confidence You Need to Sit The Test And be Successful in The End.

In This Article, we Give You All The Information You Need to Have Before You Sit The GRA Aptitude Test.

So do Not Worry, Just Sit Back, Relax And enjoy This Article.

The GRA Sets it’s Test Questions on Four Different Areas. They Are Outlined Below.

1. General Intelligence
This Includes Verbal And Non-verbal Reasoning.

With Topics Like, Analogies, Space Visualisation, Similarities Amongst Others.

2. Arithmetic Ability
This is Designed to Evaluate The Fundamental Mathematical Knowledge of The Applicant.

3. General English
This is Set to Check The English Language Levels of The Candidate.

4. Wealth Tax And Income Tax
These Two Tests Are Targeted at Income Tax Department Job Seekers.

Also Note That, Almost Every Year, The GRA Sets Questions That Require The Test Candidates to Familiarize Themselves With Almost Everything About The GRA.

From Their Mandate, Vision, Goals, And Aspirations.

Below is Samples of The GRA Aptitude Test Questions.

Please Look Closely at Each One of Them.

Try to Answer And Understand Them to The Best of Your Ability Before You Attempt to Take The Ghana Revenue Authority Aptitude Test.

1. What is the GRA Motto?

2. When was the GRA established?

3. What are the functions of the GRA?

4. What are the envisaged benefits to taxpayers and the tax administration?

5. What is the GRA vision?

6. What is the GRA Mission?

Landing a Job With The GRA is an Advantage That Many People Long For.

It Assures You of Job Security, While Improving Your Standard of Living Through Monthly Remunerations And The Salary it Pays.

In Conclusion, When Preparing For a GRA Aptitude Test, it is Wise For You to go Through All The Different Aptitude tests The Ghana Revenue Authority Has Already Set in The Past.

Combine That With The GRA Test Questions Above, And The General Knowledge You Already Have, And You Will be More Than Successful.


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