Bulk SMS In Ghana: Prices & Providers 2020.

bulk sms in ghana

Genuine and Affordable Bulk SMS Services for Ghanaians.

If you want to see the best Bulk SMS providers in Ghana in one place, then you’ll love this post.

I personally tested and reviewed about 10 Bulk SMS providers for Ghanaians. From Hubtel Bulk SMS  and others who provide good options.

Check it out.

In this guide, I am going to show you the genuine and cheapest bulk SMS in Ghana.

SMS outreach in digital marketing is very important in 2020, especially if you want to reach a large number of people at the same time.

SMS is also known to have the highest response rate as compared to other marketing channels like push notifications, email outreach, etc.

What is bulk SMS?

Simply put, it is the sending of SMS messages to a large number of mobile phone users at the same time.

This guide includes:

  • Bulk SMS providers and their respective prices in Ghana.
  • Are Free bulk SMS providers genuine?
  • How to send bulk SMS with ease

Bulk SMS is considered as a trend in mobile marketing in 2020.

It is important to pay attention and use bulk SMS if you want to reach a large number of people with your adverts.


Hubtel Bulk SMS.

Send bulk SMS using Hubtel services.

You can upload and send messages to your customers from Microsoft Excel and Notepad.

You can send automated scheduled SMS messages to deliver birthday wishes, anniversary wishes, etc.

Price: GHs 0.03 per SMS

Bulk SMS In Ghana: Prices & Providers 2020.

Official Website: https://hubtel.com/bulk-sms/



They offer affordable bulk SMS in Ghana.

All you need to do is to type the contacts of the recipients in a notepad (vertically) and upload onto their SMS portal.

You then select your preferred package and hit send.

sabstech bulk sms

That’s all, your recipients receive the alert in a split second.

Price: GHC 0.032 per SMS

Official Website: http://sms.sabstech.com/


KwekuJasper Media

Kweku Jasper Media Bulk SMS service gives 5 bonus SMS to newly created accounts.

You can try with that bonus, if you’re satisfied with their service, you proceed to buy more credit.

Their packages come in Basic and Pro.

The more SMS you want to send, the lower the price becomes.

Check them out.


BASIC: 0.040 Per SMS

PRO: 0.033 Per SMS

Official Website: http://bulksms.kwekujasper.com/history/summary



With mNotify Bulk SMS services, you can send SMS messages to large groups of people at really affordable costs.

mNotify’s SMS comes with the following features.

  • Address book
  • Message templates
  • Message scheduling
  • Delivery report and a lot more.

The higher the SMS you send, the lower your cost becomes.


mnotify bulk sms

Official Website: https://www.mnotify.com/pricing/



Send notifications, advertise and alert your audience with our fully featured Bulk SMS.

Their fast and robust gateway enables you to send messages to remind people about appointments, events, payments and any relevant information.

Price: GHc0.035/SMS

Official Website: https://www.simplytxt.net/


Bulksmsghana Cdcconsult.

Send Bulk SMS or text from your PC to Mobile anytime and anywhere in the world.

Price: unknown.

official website:  http://www.bulksmsghana.cdcconsult.org/



You can only send 100 or more SMS with Bros SMS.

Just register an account and start using their services.

The more SMS you buy the cheaper the price becomes.

Price: check price from the picture below.

bros bulk sms

Official website: http://broslimited.com/broslimited/pricing-2/



Nalosolutions bulk sms platform is easy to use and secure.

Users are able to tailor campaigns, messages, contacts, groups and report to achieve and track their communication objectives.

No subscription fee; the credits purchased are without expiry date.

nasosolutions bulk sms


Official website: http://www.nalosolutions.com/bulk-sms.php



Are there any free BULK SMS service providers in Ghana?

Definitely, no one can offer a completely free SMS service.

They will only offer a test account and bonuses to do some test by sending few SMS to any particular numbers you choose.


Now I would like to hear from you.

Have you used any of the Bulk SMS providers I have listed?

Or is there one that I didin’t include

Either way, proceed and leave a comment in the comment section below.

I will answer each of your questions.

Thank you.



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