A Chainsaw is a Portable, Mechanical Saw Which Cuts With a Set Of Teeth Attached to a Rotating Chain That Runs Along a Guide Bar.

It is Used In Activities Such as Tree Limbing, Felling, And Harvesting of firewood.

There Are Specialized Chainsaws That Are Used For Cutting Concrete During Construction Developments. Some Are Even Used For Cutting Ice, For Ice Sculptures And Winter Swimming Centres.

Chainsaws Have Been Revolutionary. They Have Made Woodcutting Easier And Safer.

They’ve Sped Up The Construction Processes And Increased Revenue In Many Industries Across The World; Even in Ones That Are Not Directly Connected to Construction And Woodwork.

Are You Are Sawyer ( A sawyer is someone who works with chainsaws) Looking For Brand New And Used Chainsaws To Buy For Your Business, Machinery Store Or Woodcutting Enterprise?

Look no further, In This Article, We Present to You The Prices Of Top Brand Chainsaws That Can Be Found in Ghana.

Prices of Chainsaws in Ghana:

Chainsaw Model Price
12V Chainsaw Grinding Machine Sharpener GHC 482
66cc 4KW High power Gasoline Chainsaw GHC 5,509
Aluminuim 7000RPM PCB Cutter Capentry Chainsaw GHC 2,632
Ingco Cordless Chainsaw GHC 1,778
070 Stihl Chainsaw Machine GHC 4,500
MS 260 C-B Stihl Chainsaw GHC 4000
7000RPM PCB Cutter Capentry Chainsaw GHC 1,990
MS 381 Stihl Chainsaw Machine GHC 360
Total Gasoline Chainsaw GHC 975
MS 180 Stihl Chainsaw GHS 3000
Model Saw DC 12-24V Chainsaw GHC 2300


Make Life Easier For Your Employees by Providing A Chainsaw For Your Business, And Expect Multiple Returns And Maximum Productivity. Highly Recommend For Personal Use At Home To Cut Logs For Your Warmth Fireplace or to Slash Firewood For Cooking And Camping Fires.

The Chainsaw Is A Great Tool For Even The Most Entry Level Of Projects, And if Used With Great Technique And Right Precautions, is Very Safe For Everyone.

These Prices Are Budget And Pocket Friendly. The Brands Are Strong And Long Lasting. On This Site, We Provide You With Only The Best And Reliable Information so Rush For Yours Now!


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Post update on July 30, 2021