Vodafone is one of the popular mobile network operators in Ghana and is known for its affordable bundles. The network is almost available everywhere in the country and in most rural areas. With our scope of work today, many businesses depend on faster internet speed for their operation.

For the reason above, Vodafone Ghana introduced their new portable device. This device has a lot of features that surpass the normal modem or shared internet from the phones. Some of the features of Vodafone MiFi includes:

  1. It can connect more devices.
  2. It has more speed even up to about 150mbs.

How Much Is The Vodafone MiFi Device?

You can get the Vodafone Mifi device from 150 to 200 Ghana Cedis. This device can be bought from any Vodafone shop and any IT shop across the country. You can also buy the device from all the leading online shops.

How To Buy Data Bundle For Your Vodafone MiFi?

You can buy an internet bundle for your Vodafone MiFi either with your airtime or from your Vodafone Cash account.

To buy, kindly dial *110# for the Vodafone Cash option or *700# for the normal bundle from your phone.

The next step is to follow the prompt and get your preferred bundle on your Vodafone sim card which you will later place in your Vodafone MiFi device.