MTN is the most popular network in Ghana. it has the fastest network because of its network speed it’s been used by many individuals, organizations, and businesses, especially for online marketing. it is almost available everywhere in the country. it can be accessed in both rural and urban communities.

Mtn is best known for its affordable bundle packages and reliable network. many businesses rely on the speed and availability of networks to run their daily operations. it has a lot of special offers that satisfy almost all of its customers. they also have bundle packages for organizations and individuals.  

In today’s article, we will be discussing MTN  hourly bundle. This hourly bundle can be used by everyone. it’s a special offer of big data at less price.


The cost of this bundle is giving depending on your location. it can be used for everything like browsing, watching movies downloading, and all sorts of online activities. it a 24hours bundle. so if you buy it at 6 am today and it’s not used it expires the next day at 6 am. let see how you can subscribe to this offer and the cost. 


1. Dial *135#

2.  select option 2 (zone bundles)

3. then again select option 1 (Data Zone Bundles)

4. choose from the menu the package you want

5. then you select yes if you want to purchase or no when not ready


The MTN Midnight Bundle is a special type of data bundle that has been provided to MTN users to enjoy browsing the internet at a relatively cheaper cost. As the name suggests, this bundle works only at midnight; it starts at midnight and ends at 5:00 am. The cost of the data depends on the size you want. everyone can use this bundle once you keep awake.  here are some standard cost

1. 2.85GB = 1.00

2. 5.72  = 1.99

3. 5.74 = 2.00


1. Dial *138# on your phone   

2. select option 2 (midnight)

3. select option 1 (buy for self)  if you are buying for yourself or option 2 (buy for others) if you are buying for someone

4. choose option 1 (Flexi)

5. Enter the amount you want to buy (between 0.1 to 2.99)

6. Details of your bundle choice selected will pop up, once it matches your choice select option 1

7. choose option 1 (airtime)  or option 2 for mobile money once if choose option 2 you will be required to confirm your purchase by dialing your momo pin

8. choose option 1 to confirm your purchase using mobile money

8. you will receive a confirmation code via SMS once your transaction is successful.