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DHL Ghana Shipping Prices & Contact Details.

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DHL happens to be one of the best shipping companies in the world.

Although their price quotes can be sometimes expensive, DHL has the fastest shipping in the world.

This article is going to include:

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  • How to calculate the cost of shipping from the USA/UK to Ghana using DHL
  • DHL Shipping cost per kilogram (kg)
  • DHL Express shipping
  • How to track your package

The price of shipping actually depends on the item you are shipping.

Shipping a document or parcel will normally cost lower than cargo or freight.

DHL has two shipping methods:

  • the regular shipping and
  • the express shipping.


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You get your items faster using the express shipping as compared to the regular shipping.

To get a quote on DHL Shipping prices, use the link below.

DHL Shipping Price.

To determine the shipping cost of an item shipped by DHL, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to
  2. choose the type of item you are shipping (parcel or Documents / Cargo or Freight)
  3. Click on ‘get a quote’
  4. choose destination country and shipment country
  5. you’ll be giving the estimated shipping price for your item

Do you have any questions concerning DHL Ghana shipping prices? Contact DHL using the details below.

DHL Shipping contacts in Ghana.

Contact DHL’s Global Forwarding offices in Ghana using the following numbers.

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Tema: 0556 750 812

Takoradi: 031 202 6258


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DHL Ghana LTD (head office)

Tabon Lop

Working hours: 7 PM

Telephone: 030 221 3090


DHL Express Airport

Courier Enclave, Airport City, Airport Bypass Rd

Working hours: 8 AM – 5 PM

Telephone: 030 221 3090


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