In the computer age, data bundles classify as a neccessity. What can you do if your phone doesn’t have any data?. Pretty much nothing.

We all like to browse and to utilise all the resources made available to us online on a daily basis.

Students doing research online, business men closing deals via Skype or video call, teenagers running a blog and entrepreneurs trying to get new customers for their cooking businesses online.

Whatever you do and whoever you are, data bundles are a big part of your life than you know.

In this article, we run you through the best data bundles in Ghana in 2020. Stay put!

1. MTN midnight offer

Price: 1 cedi
Volume: 2.79GB
Code: *138#1-1-4-1-1-1
Duration: 12am – 5am Daily.

Price: 3 cedis
Volume: 8.34GB
Code: *138#1-1-4-2-1-1
Duration: 12am-5am daily

This data bundle helps you download movies and documentaries, and to fight insomnia! Fast network with no buffering!

2. Vodaphone Bossu
Bossu Offers

a. Bossu Daily Offer
Code activation: *5588#
Price: 2.15 cedis
Offer: 100 MB Data & 100 mins (to all local networks)24 Hours

b. Bossu Data Weekly
Code activation: *5588#
Price: 10.75 cedis
Offer: 3.5 GB Data
5 Days

c. Bossu Data Weekly Extra
Code activation: *5588#
Price: 13 cedis
Offer: 4.5 BG Data 5 Days

d. Bossu Data Weekly Plus
Code activation: *5588#
Price: 43.50 cedis
Offer: 10 GB Data 15 Days

e. Bossu Weekend
Code activation: *5588#
Price: 5.40
Offers: 300mins and 5GB Data (Saturday: 150 mins and 2.5 GB) & (Sunday: 150 mins and 2.5 GB)
Saturday 00:00:00 GMT To
Sunday 23:59:59 GMT

These data bundle offers are tailored for you to bring the best oit of you!
Visit for more information

3. Vodaphone made for me

a. 400mb for 1 day
Activation code: *5881#
Price: 1cedi
Offer: 400MB for 1 day (24hours)

b. 5GB for 4 days
Activation code: *5881#
Price: 5 cedis
Offer: 5GB for 4 days

c. 5GB for 1 hour
Activation code: *530#
Price: 5 cedis
Offer: 5GB for 1 hour

d. 2GB for 2 days
Activation code: *539#
Price: 3 cedis
Offer: 2 GB for 2 days

Vodaphone made for me offers are definitely worth your money and time

4. MTN social media bundles

a. Activation code: *138#1-1-6-1-1-1
Price: 1 cedi
Offer: 94.34MB
Duration: no expiry

b. Code activation: 138#1-1-6-2-1-1-1
Price: 5 cedis
Offer: 471.70MB
Duration: No expiry

c. Code activation: *138#1-1-6-3-1-1-1
Price: 10 cedis
Offer: 943.40MB
Duration: No expiry

There you have it. The best data bundles in Ghana as of 2020.

Go through the data packages described above and pick the one that is most appropriate for you and your kind of work. Choose a data bundle that will assist you appropriately. Goodluck!


  • Precious Yayra

    Precious is a graduate of the University of Ghana. She loves writing about general stuff. She is a social media type and an open-minded person. Get in touch with her via preciousyayrawilson.

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